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Avoid closing or refreshing this page to avoid being charged twice or having the transaction fail. You will receive a confirmation email once your payment has been processed.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay as a Guest Online

You can pay your Alliant Energy bill online without setting up an account or password. It’s called online guest payment. Just like writing a check,

Pay Bill

Pay Bill. Welcome to Alliant Energy Please enter your Alliant Energy account number and last 4 digits of SSN/Tax ID Number below.

alliant energy quick bill pay

Curious about online payment but tired of juggling passwords? Keep reading.

Online bill payment for Alliant Energy is available without creating an account or password. It’s called online guest payment.

Like writing a check, you decide the amount and timing of your payment. Unlike writing a check, there is no delay in the mail and you receive immediate confirmation that your payment was received.

You get to decide whether the money is taken out of your bank account or a fee-free credit card.

If any of these misconceptions have prevented you from making an online payment, it might be time to take another look at online bill payment.

THE TRUTH: Another password is the last thing anyone needs. Because of this, you can pay as a guest online without providing a password. Your Alliant Energy account number, which can be found on your bill, is all you need.

THE REALITY: Physical documents, such as mail that has been lost or stolen, are where most identity theft begins. With online payment, there’s no physical mail to intercept.

THE REALITY: A payment made online won’t make a paper bill disappear. If you currently receive paper bills, you will continue to do so regardless of how you choose to pay.


  • You only need to remember your Alliant Energy account number, which can be found on your bill, rather than a password or login.
  • No stamps or checks to buy.
  • Pay with a credit card or your bank account (no fees)


  • Did you know that the majority of identity theft begins with physical documents, such as mail that is lost or stolen? With online payment, there’s no physical mail to intercept.
  • Pay from the comfort of your own home.


  • Pay your bill in three minutes or less with just a few clicks.
  • Your payment is processed and applied to your account instantly. There’s no wondering if we received your payment.
  • No frustrating late fees for payments delayed in the mail.

Watch the video to learn how to process an online guest payment.

Does paying online mean I won’t get a paper bill anymore? No, how you pay your bill has no impact on how you get it. Regardless of how you choose to pay, if you currently receive a paper bill, you will continue to do so.

With online guest payment, your payment is immediately processed and applied to your account, so how can I be sure it went through? After entering your payment information, you will see a “Payment Successful” message and get an email confirmation.

We hope you’ll find online guest payment convenient and easy, but what if I try it and don’t like it? But if not, simply send your subsequent bill a check as usual.

Click the menu below and make your selection. (Note: This service may not work in Internet Explorer. Please use a different browser. ).

Natural gas leak, carbon monoxide alarm, downed power line, or other emergency CALL.


How do I pay my Alliant bill online?

by phone at 1-800-255-4268, and our automated phone system eliminates waiting (Free). Postal mail at P. O. Box 3062, Cedar Rapids IA, 52406-3062.

Where can you pay your Alliant Energy bill?

A secure online service called Pay as Guest makes it simple to plan a single, same-day payment on your account. Following the scheduling of your payment, you will have the option to create an account with us.

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