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The American economy is in a constant state of flux, and as a result, money management is more important than ever. Many Americans struggle with their finances, and even those who have a steady income may struggle to pay their bills on time. That’s why the “America First Bill Pay” initiative is such an important step in the right direction for those trying to get their financial lives back on track. This program is designed to help those who are living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make ends meet by giving them an easier way to manage their bills and payments. Under this program, Americans can access their bills from a single website and pay them directly from their accounts, which can help to reduce the stress of managing multiple payments. Additionally, this program can help to reduce late fees and credit score risks associated with unpaid or late bills. It’s a convenient, secure and affordable way to get your finances in order. In this blog post, we’ll take

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is simple to set up and absolutely safe to use. Start paying your bills online today! It’s easy, fast, convenient, and FREE!

Business Bill Pay

Welcome to Business Bill Pay. User ID: Password: Sign In. Forgot your user ID or password? Need help signing in? Enroll Security & Privacy.

america first bill pay

The easiest way to pay

It’s stressful to forget to pay a bill, especially if there is a late fee. You can set up automatic transfers or one-time payments with bill pay, and they’ll always be made on time. To sign up, visit the bill pay link after logging into your online banking account or downloading our free mobile app.

You can plan one-time or recurring payments with Bill Pay for services like:

  • Internet
  • Utilities
  • Rent
  • Phone
  • Daycare providers
  • Cable & satellite TV
  • Much more

Electronic bill payments can be sent to almost any recipient in the United States and are more secure than checks or cash. S.

Paying your bills can almost be enjoyable if you use America First’s online bill payment service!

You need to be a resident of the United States, have an active America First checking account, line of credit, or zero-limit debit card, as well as a working email address, in order to use bill pay. Transfers occur as soon as the following business day. Several non-electronic payees can also receive next-day payments for just $15. For more information about the service, please review our agreement.

It is possible to schedule court-ordered payments and tax payments through the service, but doing so is discouraged and done at your own risk.

Similar to Online Bill Pay for your home, America First’s premier Business Bill Pay service is now FREE and has been redesigned for faster speeds and user-friendliness.

Current Business Bill Pay users login now. Existing America First Business Account holders enroll now. Alternatively, open an America First Business Account right away to start utilizing the service.

The benefits of Business Bill Pay are:

  • Save time & money
  • Be more secure with electronic bill payments
  • Pay bills to any business, person, or organization within the nation.
  • Pay multiple invoices to vendors with a single check
  • Set up multiple authorized users with controlled security levels
  • Attach invoice information and credit memos to your payments
  • Make payments of up to $50,000 in your business name
  • Reduce the number of paper checks
  • Pay multiple vendors at one time

Please read our Business Bill Payment Agreement and Disclosure for more details.

†Restricted accounts are not eligible to use Business Bill Pay. Although you can schedule court-ordered payments and tax payments through the service, you should avoid doing so and do so at your own risk.

Set up your payee list when you first start using the service by adding the payees to whom you want to send payments. You only need to add each payee once. You designate the day you want the payment to arrive at the payee when you make a payment. When a payment is scheduled, it shows up in the “Payment Activity” section as Scheduled. The status changes to Processed once we start processing your payment. The payee receives your payment and credits your account.

If you use this service, you do not have to get in touch with your payees. We include your payee account number and other relevant information with each of your payments so that the recipients can properly credit your account.

When you schedule a payment, you choose the day you want the money to arrive at the recipient. The payment is processed 4-5 days prior to this date. On the due date, money will be taken out of your account.

Check “Payment Activity” after the payment date to see if the payment’s status is Processed. The payment has been sent to the payee if the status is Processed. Additionally, you can verify whether money has been taken out of your checking account. For instance, check the withdrawal history for your checking account through online banking. To check if the payee received and credited the payment, you can also call them. The payee may occasionally take a few days to credit your account.

Take the following actions to fix the issue if the payment is not credited in a timely manner:

  • Check to see if the payee credits the payment to your account five days after the scheduled payment date.
  • Call the payees customer service line to check if they received the payment and credited your account if it is not applied to your account. When you call, gather information from the payee (i. e. Name of the person helping you, contact information, the amount of late fees, etc. ).
  • Ask the payee if they will waive any late fees or finance charges if you have been charged a late fee but scheduled your payment on time.
  • Find the payment in the “Payment Activity” section if it is not credited to your account or if the payee refuses to waive late fees. To send us a message that includes the details you obtained from the payee, click “View” in the Payment column, then click “Inquire about this payment.”

Depending on whether the payee accepts electronic payments and other factors, Online Bill Pay decides whether the payment will be made electronically or by check. For instance, a check is printed and sent to the payee because some payees, such as individuals, are unable to receive electronic payments. The processing of payments ensures that they reach the payee on schedule whether they are made electronically or by check.

Even if Online Bill Pay sends a paper check to the payee, the payments made through Online Bill Pay will show up as a Bill Payment on your America First statement. The paper checks may occasionally be drawn against your payment account. In this case, your account statement will show the payments alongside your other checks.

You can view an e-bill (electronic bill) online through Online Bill Pay. It is an electronic version of a paper bill.

In order to enroll in Online Bill Pay if your account is not in good standing and you are attempting to do so automatically, call the e-Support department at 1-800-999-3961. To take advantage of our Business Bill Pay services if you are trying to sign up for Online Bill Pay using a business account, please visit our Business Bill Pay section.

After 20 minutes of inactivity in Online Bill Pay, you will be automatically logged out for your security. Simply log back in using the Online Banking System if you haven’t finished using Online Bill Pay.

The Online Banking screen cannot track your activity because bill pay is in a separate window, so it will display the warning message after periods of inactivity.

Your schedule will be much less hectic if you use the free online bill payment service.

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How do I make a payment to America First?

Online payments are quick, easy, and effective. You can schedule the payment at your convenience, keep track of when it was made, and make sure it is made by the due date by paying online. Payments may also be automated, saving you from having to visit a website each month, depending on the lender or bank.

How do I pay my car on America First app?

The grace period is ten days. A late fee applies to payments made more than ten days after the loan’s due date. How long do I have after receiving loan approval before it ends?

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