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APEPDCL Online Bill Payment


1. Fill in your Consumer Number. · 2. Enter the bill amount · 3. Pick and apply electricity bill payment promo codes available and get cashback & other offers · 4.

ap eastern power bill pay

Is APEPDCL Government-owned or Private Owned?

The creation, supervision, and upkeep of the energy distribution system across Andhra Pradesh’s eleven regions are the responsibility of APEPDCL, which is owned by the state government.

Interesting Information about APEPDCL board

  • As of 31. 03. 2022, the Companys authorized share capital was Rs. 122,000,000. The Government of Andhra Pradesh holds the entire share capital.
  • APEPDCL%20arranges%20additional%20networks%20and%20strengthens%20the%20existing%20networks%20in%20urban%20areas%20under%20the%20IPDS%20(Integrated%20Power%20Development%20Scheme)%20and%20in%20rural%20areas%20under%20the%20DDUGJY%20(Deendayal%20Upadhyaya%20Gram%20Jyothi%20Yojana)%20scheme,%20with%20100%%20of%20these%20works%20completed This guarantees a consistent power supply for all customers around-the-clock.

How to view APEPDCL Bill Online Amount:

  • Check out APEPDCL.com.
  • Navigate to the billing section and select “Bill Status”
  • On the following page, you can find information about paying your apepdcl bills.
  • To log in, enter your APEPDCL service number or customer number.
  • Decide where youll be living.
  • Enter the captcha code to check the status of your Eastern Power Distribution payment history.

Payment Cycle for APEPDCL Bill

Currently, APEPDCL uses a billing cycle of a single month.




Rs. 1.45


Rs. 2.60


Rs. 5.16


Rs. 5.86


Rs. 6.39


Rs. 7.72


Rs. 7.97


Rs. 8.17

If a client consumes 250 units per month, the first 30 units will be billed at $1, according to the apepdcl bill payment system. 90 units at $1 each, followed by 45 units at $3 each, and then 50 units at $4 each. 50, 100 units after that at $6, and the last 25 units at $8. 75 each.

Step-by-step guide to make APEPDCL online bill payment with Freecharge

  • Go to the billing and charging section after opening Freecharge.
  • Pick the icon for “electricity” for apepdcl view bill
  • Enter your account ID or customer ID after choosing your energy supplier from the list, such as APDCL, PSPCL, WBSEDCL, APEPDCL, UGVCL, or PGVCL.
  • To proceed and select your preferred method of payment for your apepdcl bill, click “Continue.”

List of Payment methods available on Freecharge for APEPDCL online bill payment

We pay your apepdcl bill however you prefer, whether it be through UPI, net banking, debit, or credit cards. As a result, UPI can incorporate PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, and other financial transactional methods.

Benefits of Online APEPDCL Bill Payment with Freecharge

Do you have trouble paying your APEPDCL electricity bill? Well, that’s no longer a problem.

  • You can use Freecharge to quickly and easily pay your APEPDCL online bill from any location, including at home, at work, or even while traveling.
  • Freecharge helps over 27 million customers process their apepdcl online payments securely.
  • Our cutting-edge 128-bit encryption technology, which forms the basis of a stringent security protocol, ensures the security of every transaction on Freecharge.
  • Additionally, when you pay your first APEPDCL online bill on Freecharge, your information will be saved, so you won’t even need to enter it the next time you want to pay your APEPDCL power bill.
  • Your entire data, including credit card details, is completely secure.
  • People struggle to pay their APEPDCL bills because doing so offline requires a busy schedule. Avoid wasting time and resources by paying your APEPDCL electricity bill at the electricity department. You can now successfully pay your APEPDCL online bill from anywhere thanks to modern technology, including the internet and the Freecharge app.
  • The quickest way to pay your APEPDCL electricity bill is through Freecharge. By simply going to the app, selecting “Electricity” bill payment, and entering the necessary information, you can pay your APEPDCL bill in just a few minutes.
  • You won’t ever incur late fees again because you won’t forget to pay your APEPDCL bill. Our Reminder service will send you emails and notifications to remind you when an APEPDCL bill payment is due. As you can see, the most straightforward way to pay an APEPDCL bill online is with Freecharge.

To discuss your concern, get in touch with APEPDCL, Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company. Inputting the consumer number or SC No. and choosing the appropriate circle, section, area code, old consumer, new consumer, LT consumer, or HT consumer , users can file complaints. It is also possible to track a complaint.

Customers can contact customer service at 180042555333 any time of day or night with questions about their bills.

What are the late charges on APEPDCL electricity bill payment?

All payments that are not made within 30 days of the bill’s receipt date will incur a 1 percent late fee. 25% (one and quarter percent) monthly late payment fee.

Frequently Asked Questions On APEPDCL Bill

  • To obtain your APEPDCL bill Account ID or consumer number online, please follow these instructions: Go to the website for paying electricity bills
  • ● Select State and Electricity Board for yourself.
  • Choose the District or Type (if applicable).
  • ● To discover your Consumer No. on the electricity statement, tap on View Sample Bill.

Is it necessary to register on Freecharge to make online bill payment APEPDCL?

Yes, a Freecharge account is required in order to pay bills online and make other payments.

On the organization’s website, a duplicate of the APEPDCL bill is accessible. Visit the website, select Know Your Bill, then select LT or HT connection. On the following page, enter your login details. After that, click Download Bill after entering your customer ID and the desired month for the bill.

To log in, enter your APEPDCL service number or customer number. Decide where you will be living. Enter the captcha code to check the status of your Eastern Power Distribution payment history.

How can I raise a complaint for a faulty meter to the APEPDCL Electricity board?

  • The steps to file a complaint about a malfunctioning energy meter are as follows: Contact the relevant EASTERN POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF ANDHRA PRADESH LTD.
  • Read the section of this procedure titled “Office Locations and Contacts” for the pertinent address and phone number.
  • ● As per the office policies, document the complaint.
  • When a complaint is made, the customer will receive an acknowledgment; this document should be kept safely until further notice.
  • ● The relevant authority will deal with the request.

How to get my APEPDCL electricity bill payment receipt?

After the transaction, you will be automatically redirected to the receipt page. From there, the payment receipt can be downloaded.

Can I get any cashback or offer by Freecharge on APEPDCL online bill payment?

The%20user%20will%20receive%205%%20cashback%20up%20to%20Rs%2030%20for%20existing%20users%20in%20the%20wallet,%20and%20100%%20CB%20upto%20Rs%2040%20for%20New%20Users%20within%2072%20hours%20of%20the%20transaction Use Code – POW30 and POWNEW or NEW40.


How do I pay my AP Eastern Energy bill online?

How to Make APEPDCL Online Payment Online
  1. Fill in your Consumer Number. …
  2. Enter the bill amount.
  3. Choose from the available electricity bill payment discounts and use them to receive cashback.
  4. Use a payment method of your choice.
  5. Your payment for the Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Bill has been completed.

How can I check my AP eastern electricity bill?

Check out APEPDCL. com. Navigate to the billing section and select “Bill Status” On the following page, you can find information about paying your apepdcl bills. To log in, enter your APEPDCL service number or customer number.

How can I check my electricity bill online?

How to Get an Electricity Bill Online Visit the distributor’s main website. It is essential to have your reference number on hand in order to obtain your billing information. Locate your reference number from your bill. It will appear on the bill as a 14-digit number written in a box, typically at the bottom corner.

How do I pay my AP electricity bill through Google?

Pay bills using Google Pay
  1. Open Google Pay .
  2. From the bottom of the screen, slide up.
  3. Tap New. type in the name of a biller.
  4. From the search results, tap the name of the biller. Link account.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. If your Customer ID is required, it can be found on your paper bill or e-bill.

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