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We are a seasoned group of experts in lending, technology, and data who are dedicated to creating more equitable methods of pricing borrowers who are less than ideal.

You should have the opportunity to demonstrate that you are a better borrower than your credit score suggests because, in our opinion, credit scores aren’t very good at predicting how good of a borrower you will be in the future.

We’ll lower your interest rate if you show that you have sound money management practices that lower our risk. It’s that simple.

“I check for rewards through the online account. Because you’re lowering your payment, it appears as though you’re actually doing something. It feels like you’re accomplishing something. ”.

“I recommended it to three to five friends who are already Ascend Loan members. I inform them that it is local and they will speak with a live person. It’s great experience. ”.

“It surprised me that I could establish credit and receive discounts… I really like the program and haven’t come across anything like this.” ”.

“The customer service is outstanding; I give them a 10.” They provided me with advice and made conversation easier for me. I didn’t feel embarrassed, but confident. ”.

*Testimonials provided during an 8/31/2016 survey of Ascend Loan Borrowers. Participants were paid for taking part in the survey, but testimonials were not paid for.

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From an Ascend Account. To pay your loan, credit card or mortgage from an Ascend Account just log in to online banking and choose the appropriate menu.

Bill Pay

Choose which bills you want to pay, schedule payments, make one-time or recurring payments, and more with just a few clicks.

ascend bill pay

How much can I borrow?We consider a lot more than your credit score when determining what amount you qualify to borrow. The amount approved will be right-sized to what you can repay.

Finding out how much of a loan you qualify for only takes a few minutes after you submit your application. The maximum loan amount we offer is $1,000. The mere fact that you submitted an application will not affect your traditional credit score with the “big three.”

Can I get a loan with bad credit?Worried about your credit score when you need a loan? We aren’t. We run a credit check with the specialized credit bureaus, and not the major bureaus used by the banks. Your traditional credit score with the “big three” is not something we use to make a loan decision.

So, if you’re thinking about it in banker-speak, yes, we do lend to people who have “no credit history.”

We are aware that there are more positive aspects of your path to financial independence that we can consider. We consider your credit history to include things like having a mobile phone account, paying your rent, and other activities from your everyday life.

Will my credit score change if I apply for a loan?Because we approach lending decisions differently, we don’t do a credit check with any of the three major credit bureaus. (The three major bureaus are the ones that calculate your credit score.) So, your credit score with them should not be impacted by applying for a loan with Ascend Loans.

To confirm your identity and/or whether you are a member of the armed forces in active duty, we may use additional sources. Some of these sources might make use of data from the significant credit bureaus. When they do, our check for your application might appear on your credit report as a soft inquiry. However, the major credit bureaus do not take into account soft inquiries when determining your credit score.

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for a loan?As responsible lenders, we ask that you have a consistent source of income, meet all legal requirements to enter into a contract, have an open an active checking account, and meet the Ascend Loans underwriting requirements. Also, your source of income needs to be one that we can verify, if needed.

Visit our New Customer Loans page to see an illustration of how much an Ascend Loan will cost.

What is an Annual Percentage Rate or APR?It is NOT your interest rate. The annual percentage rate, or APR for short, is your total cost of credit on a loan. It is all the interest you will pay in a year (or the term of your loan if less than a year) plus any fees associated with getting the loan. Those fees don’t include ones you might incur along the way like late payment fees, or processing fees if you opt to pay by check. The fees in your APR are ones charged at the time your loan is made. Some lenders charge application fees, origination fees, etc. Those fees are added to the total interest. Then that total is divided by the amount you borrow (the principal) to calculate the APR. By law, all lenders must disclose the APR in the loan agreement. You should look at the APR when you compare one loan to another as it reflects the true cost of credit.

When you apply for your loan and authorize us to deduct your payment from your checking account for each due date, you can sign up for auto-pay and receive a 25 percentage point discount on your interest rate.

Additionally, there are no additional fees for making additional loan payments or even paying off your loan early. The amount of interest that accrues and is owed on your loan will be reduced in either case. To log in and schedule your payoff or to make an additional payment at any time, click My Account. It is safe, secure, and simple.

Is there a penalty for paying my loan off early?

You have until 3:00 p. m. To cancel your loan with no fees or penalties, you must act by midnight Pacific Time on the business day following the Disbursement Date indicated on your loan agreement. We call this day and time your Cancellation Deadline. You must send us an email at [email protected] by or before the cancellation deadline if you want to cancel your loan’s payment obligations. com. You must state in your email that you want to stop making payments on this loan going forward. Only if your loan has not funded or, if it has, the funds have been returned to us, is it possible to cancel it. Your and our obligations under this Loan Agreement will be terminated if your loan has already been funded and we have received the full principal amount via ACH debit. This Loan Agreement will continue to be in full force and effect if we do not receive payment of the principal amount via ACH debit to your checking account.

How do I get my balance?Once we fund your loan, you can find this information in your Ascend Loans Self-Service Portal – click

Applying online through self-service is recommended if your final payment has cleared your bank account and was made more than 4 business days ago. Simply click My Account to login. Then click the reapply button. That will direct you to the quick loan application for returning customers.

I had to defer a payment on my current / last loan with Ascend Loans. Am I still eligible for Emerald Rewards?

Ascend Loans, LLC (“Ascend”) subprime loans are intended to help you meet short-term borrowing needs, such as for car repairs, medical care for you or your family, or travel costs related to your job. Ascend Loans, LLC is located at 635 East Highway 20, Upper Lake, CA 95485. These loans are an expensive form of credit, and they are not meant to meet long-term credit requirements or other financial requirements. Alternative sources of credit may be more affordable and appropriate, including credit card advances, personal loans, home equity lines of credit, and borrowing from friends and family. is a website owned and operated by Ascend Loans, LLC, a wholly owned economic development arm and instrumentality of the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake (the “Tribe”), a federally recognized Indian tribe. This service is offered to you via the internet from the the Tribes trust land, regardless of where you may be situated or access this site, and constitutes an offer or solicitation for consumer loans solely within the Tribes jurisdiction, not in any other state. The Tribe does not allow access or accept applications for this service from residents of all locations, and the service may or may not be available at your location The locations from which the Tribe chooses to allow access to its jurisdiction may change from time to time without notice. The Tribe regulates financial services obtained by anyone choosing to access the Tribes jurisdiction, such as you, under the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Ordinance. Ascend is authorized to offer such services within the Tribe’s jurisdiction through a license issued by the HPUL Tribal Financial Services Regulatory Commission. If you choose to visit the Tribe’s jurisdiction through the internet and access services offered and regulated under the Tribe’s laws, you must consent to the Tribes jurisdiction and agree that Tribal law governs such services. Any agreements governing those services will become binding when we accept them at our offices on the Tribes land.

Applications approved by 4:00 p. m. Monday through Friday are typically funded the following business day at pacific time. Ascend may use conventional and alternative credit bureaus to run credit checks or otherwise verify the personal and financial data you provided on your application. You will be required to submit specific documents for a manual verification if we are unable to verify your application information electronically. Manual verification may cause your loan approval and funding to be delayed. First-time Ascend customers may qualify for a loan of $300. 00 up to $1,000. 00. Customers with a good payment history may be eligible for additional loans with a reduced APR and a higher dollar amount of up to $1,000. 00. Before signing and receiving funds, you should carefully read the loan agreement, which contains full disclosures of the APR, fees, and payment terms. Your loan may be repaid at any time without penalty.

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