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As modern technology continues to evolve, individuals are now able to pay bills in a variety of ways. One of the most convenient methods of payment is through a healthcare facility’s online portal. Ascension St. Vincent is one such organization that offers a secure and straightforward way of paying bills through their online portal. On this blog post, we will be discussing the Ascension St. Vincent Bill Pay system and the advantages it has for individuals and families.
Ascension St. Vincent’s Bill Pay system is designed to make the payment process easier for its customers. With a few clicks of the mouse, patients are able to pay their bills with ease. Additionally, the system allows for automatic payment scheduling, which means that customers can set up a payment plan that works for them and can be sure that their bills are taken care of on time. Customers can also choose to receive notifications when payments are due, so they can stay on top of their payment responsibilities without much effort. Moreover, the online

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Billing and payment

Pay your Ascension bill online, get an estimate for your care, or learn about financial assistance options.

Billing and Payment

Pay your Ascension St. Vincent bill through our online payment portals. We’re committed to providing high quality health care regardless of your financial

ascension st vincent bill pay

Want to change your preferred location? You’ll then get information specific to your new service region. CITY AND STATE OR ZIP CODE

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Pay your Ascension bill through our online payment portals. No matter your financial situation, we are committed to offering high-quality medical care.

You will receive one of two types of bills from Ascension: hospital or doctor’s office Select our Athena portal if you received care at your doctor’s office. Please access our Visitpay portal if you received medical attention at a hospital.

Exceptions: A few care websites have links to various bill payment portals, including:

We are aware that sometimes you will need to speak with someone in order to understand your bill. Find your contact information by the state where you received care, then decide whether you have a hospital bill or a doctor’s office bill.

  • Doctor’s office bills Alabama – Ascension St. Florida – Ascension St. Vincent: 844-994-0413 Alabama – Ascension Providence: 833-263-9781 District of Columbia – Providence Hospital Illinois – Ascension Illinois: 833-272-7581 Indiana – Ascension St. Vincent’s: 833-263-9780 Florida – Ascension Sacred Heart: 833-263-9781 Michigan – Southeast Michigan: 833-263-9788 Michigan – Ascension Genesys: 833-263-9788 Michigan – Ascension St. Vincent: 844-994-0409 Kansas – Ascension Via Christi: 844-931-1162 Maryland – Ascension Saint Agnes: 844-994-0412 Mary’s, Ascension St. Missouri – Ascension St. Joseph: 833-263-9783 Michigan – Ascension Borgess: 833-263-9784 New York – Lourdes: 800-566-5050 John: 833-263-9785 Tennessee – Ascension Saint Thomas: 833-263-9791 Texas – Ascension Seton and Dell Children’s Medical Center: 833-263-9789 Wisconsin – Northeast Wisconsin: 833-263-9790 Southeast Wisconsin sites of care: 833-263-9787
  • Hospital bills Alabama – Ascension St. Florida’s Ascension St. Vincent: 877-202-0356 Ascension Providence: 251-633-1500 District of Columbia’s Providence Hospital: 202-754-7890 Illinois – Ascension Illinois: 833-272-7585 Indiana – Ascension St. Vincent’s: 877-318-5170 Florida – Ascension Sacred Heart: 866-869-9677 Southeast Michigan Ascension sites of care Ascension St. Vincent: 800-572-1619 Kansas: Ascension Via Christi: 800-298-8347 Maryland: Ascension Saint Agnes: 667-234-2175 Ascension Macomb/Oakland: 877-809-6191 Ascension Providence Rochester: 877-348-7072 Michigan – Ascension Genesys: 888-544-7737 Ascension St. John: 800-878-2455 Ascension River District: 810-329-5318 Mary’s, Ascension St. Joseph can be reached at 888-978-6279, Ascension Borgess can be reached at 877-563-9518, and Lourdes can be reached at 607-584-5510 in New York. John: 888-329-0421 Tennessee’s Ascension Saint Thomas: 877-348-7082 Texas’ Ascension Seton and Dell Children’s Medical Center: 800-749-7624 Wisconsin’s Southeast Wisconsin Ascension Columbia St Mary’s Milwaukee: 877-202-0506 Ascension Columbia St. Marys Hospital Ozaukee: 877-202-0698 Wisconsin – Northeast Wisconsin: 877-348-9718 .

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