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When it comes to managing finances, paying your bills is a crucial part of the process. With the Bedford Water Bill Pay, it is now easier than ever to quickly and securely pay your water bills. Bedford Water Bill Pay allows customers to pay their bills in a convenient and timely manner. Furthermore, the service provides users with a secure payment platform that eliminates the need for any manual paperwork. Bedford Water Bill Pay is an easy-to-use and efficient way to pay your water bills, and with its simple and fast setup, you can have your bills paid in a matter of minutes. Bedford Water Bill Pay offers a variety of payment options, including online, by mail, and through automated phone payment. Customers can also enroll in automatic billing, which help to save time and energy by automatically drafting payments from your bank account. The Bedford Water Bill Pay system is designed to reduce the time and effort spent on tracking, entering, and processing payments.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:


Conveniently pay your City water bill online, phone, and through the mail. Municipal Court Fine by Mail · Municipal Court Citation/Warrant Online.

Water Utility Billing

An account holder can pay with a checking account, electronic check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express by phone. Please dial 1-833-648-0159 and

bedford water bill pay


The 15th of every month is always the due date for water bills. Water meters are read and billed monthly. The “to and from” dates are listed on your bills when you receive your billing; this is the time frame for which you are currently being billed.

There is a water discount rate.

  • You%20must%20be%20age%2065%20or%20older%20or%20100%%20totally%20and%20permanently%20disabled
  • You must own and occupy your home.
  • Residents of rental properties are not eligible for this discount.

The discount is also based on the total household income. Please see the application for the income requirements. The Tax Department website has information on applications and programs. Please bring your application and documentation of your income to the Tax Department if you are eligible for the discount program.


You have the option to pay with a credit card, debit card, or an electronic check. There is an additional fee of $3. Choosing this option will result in an addition of 95 to your payment transaction.

Prior to any deadlines, you must give the payment 2 business days to post.

*Re-connection fees and payments for new water meters cannot be made with credit/debit cards or electronic checks.

For information on how to get service restored or get a new water meter, call (440) 735-6525.


Regular & Discount Water/Sewer

0-300 Cu. Ft. : Water $27. 61; Sewer $28. 62; Discount Water $19. 31; Discount Sewer $20. 03.

Each Cu. Ft. 301-400: Water $. 0433; Sewer $. 0313; Discount Water $. 0334; Discount Sewer $. 0206.

Each Cu. Ft. above 400: Water $. 0650; Sewer $. 0469; Discount Water $. 0502; Discount Sewer $. 0310.

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