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Turning on the light switch should be sufficient to pay your utility bill. BPU offers you payment options that fit your lifestyle because of this. In order to pay however and wherever it is most convenient for you.

Set up an automatic payment plan for more convenience with your monthly payments OR make a secure, round-the-clock online payment using a credit card or bank account.

In the greater Kansas City area, pay at any of our PaySite kiosks. Click for a list of participating locations or call 1-877-876-7076.

With FlexPay, you can create an account that pays your bill in incremental amounts each month if you need even more payment flexibility. Click below for more info on the FlexPay program.

Just send a check or money order to the following address to pay the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities: PO Box 219661 Kansas City, Missouri 64121

Call 1-855-BPU-BILL to pay by phone, any time, using a credit card or bank account. Call 913-573-9190 if you need to speak with a customer service representative.

Use the Drop Box outside the Customer Service Lobby door to send in a check or money order any time of day or night:

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Bill Pay Options

Pay by phone 24/7 using a credit card or bank account by calling 1-855-BPU-BILL. Need to speak to a customer service representative? Please call 913-573-9190.

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For over 100 years, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has provided safe, dependable water and electric services in Kansas City, Kansas.

board of public utilities bill pay

Step Call the automated phone system

Choose Make a Payment from the automated message by dialing (307) 637-6460. No PINs or passwords required, just your BOPU Account Number.

Payment methods include electronic check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover ($2. 95 transaction processing fee applies). The maximum charge per transaction is $500.

We are located at 2416 Snyder Ave. On Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (excluding holidays), our lobby is open.

  • Electronic check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover ($2. 95 transaction processing fee applies). The maximum charge per transaction is $500.

Mail your Payment to:

City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities P. O. Box 12016 Cheyenne, WY 82003.

Some things in life are unavoidable, but a partial payment is preferable to none at all and might keep the water on.

We offer payment arrangements. Please call customer service at 307-637-6460 from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm (except on holidays), or fill out a form requesting a payment arrangement. Please be aware that each situation will be assessed individually. The payment arrangement must be approved by BOPU Customer Service.

The Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) processes credit, debit, and electronic check payments using a third-party processing service. The processing fee is $2. 95 per transaction. System development and tap fees are two examples of extra costs. 5% transaction fee for credit, debit and e-check payments.

The Board may offer payment extensions and arrangements. (Property Owner/Manager must pre-approve tenant extensions). Partial payment is preferable to none and may enable the continuation of water services. Please call our customer service department at 307-637-6460 to discuss payment extensions or arrangements during regular business hours, which are 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Why does BOPU use a third-party processing service that charges fees for processing payments?

Companies that accept credit cards are paid a percentage of each sale. This percentage can vary, but averages around three percent (3%). The processing business adds a transaction or convenience fee in place of charging the BOPU the percentage of the sale that is charged by the credit card. The cost of processing and the credit card company’s portion of the sale are covered by this fee. Consequently, payments made with credit, debit, and e-checks do not affect Cheyenne’s ability to fund its water and wastewater systems, and the added costs associated with using a credit card are not included in the water and sewer rates.


Does Brownsville pub have an app?

On mobile phones running iOS or Android, our app is free to use.

How do I pay my water bill in Columbus Ohio?

Payment Locations: To pay in person or to find the mailing addresses, go to our Payment Locations page. Columbus utility bill payments are also accepted at Western Union, Kroger, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Walgreens, and other places. For locations please visit Western Union or call 1-800-325-6000.

Who provides electricity in Kansas City?

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has been offering reliable, safe water and electricity services throughout Kansas City, Kansas, for more than a century. We are fully committed to serving our customers and the community at large as a non-profit public utility.

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