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When it comes to managing your healthcare-related expenses, Care Credit offers a convenient payment solution. With Care Credit, you can easily pay your medical bills and receive special financing offers on purchases of $200 or more. However, before you can make the most of Care Credit’s services, you’ll need to log in and set up your account. This article will cover the Care Credit bill pay login process and provide helpful tips to ensure a smooth sign-in. By the end of this post, you’ll know how to quickly and securely access your Care Credit account.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Consumer and Provider Login

Log in to your CareCredit credit card account. Securely make payments, manage your account, view your credit score and more. Login. Don’t have an online

Existing CareCredit Cardholders

Pay your doctor or provider online — anytime, anywhere. Use your CareCredit credit card to pay outstanding healthcare bills online. Whether it’s a recent visit

care credit bill pay login

Or mail it to:

Synchrony Bank 140 Wekiva Springs Road Longwood, FL 32779 (personal delivery is not allowed) Overnight mail

ACH bank transfer:

Use your bank’s ACH Transfer to send your payment (register at www. mysynchrony. com/carecredit).

Western Union:

Send your payment via Western Union (code: LOW, state: OHIO).

Call us at (866) 893-7867 before the payment due date if you anticipate having to make a late payment because we might be able to provide you with options that suit your needs.

Only after you have made your first purchase using your card are account statements mailed. Within 30 days of a charge being processed, you will get your first billing statement. Call us at (866) 893-7864 if your statement is delayed to confirm that it was sent to the right address.

Your balance might not be paid off by the end of the promotional period if you only make the minimum payment each month.

Download the App today:

You can find enrolled providers and establishments that accept CareCredit, pay your bill, access your digital card, set alerts, and pay your provider invoice using the CareCredit Mobile App.

Available on iOS and Android:

You can find enrolled providers and establishments that accept CareCredit, pay your bill, access your digital card, set alerts, and pay your provider invoice using the CareCredit Mobile App.

Did you know that you can now have your statements delivered right to your inbox?

We want to make updating your account, viewing balances, and making payments as simple as possible for you as a valued CareCredit cardholder.

You can now conveniently access your account information and manage it online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Use your CareCredit credit card to pay online for unpaid medical bills. CareCredit makes it simple for you to make on-time payments for anything, including a recent dental visit, your pet’s vaccinations, or your sister’s LASIK procedure.

While the applicants for our accounts may have varying backgrounds and motivations, all CareCredit clients share the following traits:

They have learned about the comfort provided by CareCredit’s healthcare financing.

Has CareCredit changed your life or the life of someone you love?

To report a lost, misplaced, or stolen card, discuss your needs, or get help with credit increases, call a CareCredit representative at the number below.

Monday through Sunday from 8:00am – 12 midnight (EST).

To add another authorized user to your account: (877) 293-0766

What is a deferred interest promotion and how does it work?

Learn more about the meaning of each section of your CareCredit statement by clicking or swiping over the numbered areas below.

  • Account Activity Summary A summary of the billing cycle’s activity on your account, including new payments, purchases, returns, interest charges, etc. Additionally, you can view your balance, credit limit, and credit options. You can also manage your account at www. mysynchrony. com .
  • Payment details include your total minimum payment, the date it is due, and any applicable warnings about making a late payment or paying only the minimum amount owed on your account. Remember: You might not be able to pay off the promotional balance by making only the minimum payments before the promotion’s expiration date.
  • Deferred interest promotion expiration date and reminder to settle the balance in full before that date are stated in the promotional expiration notification.
  • Important details regarding the Total Minimum Payment Due and its Due Date are included on the Payment Coupon. Return this payment stub along with your monthly payment if you mail your payment. You can also visit www. mysynchrony. Download the mobile app to have payments at your fingertips or visit to make payments for free online. NOTE: Two months before your promotion(s) expires, a reminder of the promotional payoff amounts for Deferred Interest promotions will appear on the Payment Coupon.
  • Details on the following items can be found in the promotional purchase summary: the promotional expiration date, the promotional balance, and any deferred or billed interest fees associated with these purchases.
  • For each type of transaction, the interest charge calculation displays the APR, interest charges, and the expiration date.
  • Transaction Summary A table that breaks down fees and interest for the entire year into a chronological list of your individual monthly transactions
  • New Promotional Financing Programs Information about the deferred interest promotional financing choices you might have when using your card to make future purchases
  • Additional cardholder news and specific details about your account will be sent to you.

The sample provided is for illustration only, and it does not represent the data from your actual account.

Like with most credit cards, you must pay the balance in full each month by the due date to avoid late fees. If you use CareCredit’s “No Interest if Paid in Full” promotional financing and do not pay off your promotional balance in full by the end of the promotional period, you will be charged interest.

Making your minimum monthly payment on time and paying off your balance by the end of the promotional period are crucial if you want CareCredit to work well for you and to prevent late fees and interest (on applicable promotional financing options).

CareCredit calculates your account’s interest charge separately for each type of balance. For each day of the billing cycle, we do this by adding the daily rate to the daily balance.

Purchases and balances subject to various interest rates or special promotions are calculated separately from other balance types, as necessary. This is how it works:

How to get the starting balance for the next day

care credit bill pay login


Can I pay my CareCredit bill online?

Securely make payments, manage your account, view your credit score, and more when you log into your CareCredit credit card account. Register at the Synchrony website if you lack an online account to gain access.

How do I pay my CareCredit card?

You can make up to 12 payments if you log in with your user name and password at

On the log in page, tap the Pay Without Log In button and then:
  1. Select your payment amount.
  2. Select your payment method.
  3. Review and authorize your payment.

How do I pay my synchrony bill online?

Call (866) 893-7864. from 8:00am – 12:00 midnight (EST). Payments: Login to manage your account.

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