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For many of us, bill payment is an inescapable part of our lives. Whether it be for utilities, rent, student loans, or credit cards, bills need to be paid on time and in full in order to avoid late fees and potential damage to our credit. Thankfully, there are many services available to help us pay our bills on time and with ease. One such service is CarKw Bill Pay, a convenient and secure payment platform for all your bill payment needs. With CarKw, users can make one-time payments, enroll in automatic bill pay, and schedule payments in advance. CarKw also offers multiple payment options, including credit and debit card payments, bank transfers, and online checks. Additionally, CarKw customers can view and manage their payment records in one convenient location. In this blog post, we’ll explore the features and benefits of CarKw Bill Pay and explain why it is an ideal choice for all your bill payment needs.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Payment Options

Log into your online account profile to access your account and pay your bill by eCheck or credit or debit card. You may also pay 24 hours a day by Telephone.

Central Arkansas Water’s

Create an account to enjoy the convenience of accessing and managing your account 24/7/365, or simply make a one-time payment. Still receiving a paper bill?

carkw bill pay

Central Arkansas Water provides a variety of ways to pay your utility bill.

This program enables you to use your checking or savings account to automatically pay your monthly bills. The simplest, most dependable, and most practical way to pay your monthly bill is through this service, which is free to you. To sign up for FREE, just visit your online account profile.

Through Paymentus, Utility Billing Services (UBS) offers the option of paying bills online. Customers who prefer the convenience of paying their monthly bill online in a secure environment without having to leave their home or place of business can choose this option. Click here to start the online bill payment and account management process. Please have your Utility Billing Services account number available. You may also make a one-time payment, click here. Paymentus charges a $2. Each Internet credit or debit card payment carries a convenience fee of $49.

Through the automated Paymentus system, pay your bill without incurring any fees if you have a checking account. 833. 245. 1947. Credit/Debit Cards can also be used to pay; however, a $2 95 third-party convenience fee will apply.

Going paperless and avoiding receiving paper invoices will increase your ability to have a positive environmental impact. Online payment is only half of the benefit. Reducing paper use benefits the environment in a number of ways, including saving trees and gas. The PayItGreen AllianceTM estimates that we could save 1 billion dollars annually if just one in five households switched to electronic payments, statements, and bills. Each year, the mailing of bills, statements, and payments saves 103 million gallons of gasoline and 8 million trees.

Your utility bill can be mailed to Utility Billing Services P. O. Box 8100 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-8100.

Through Paymentus, Utility Billing Services (UBS) accepts credit and debit card payments as well as electronic checks (eChecks) around-the-clock. To access your account and pay your bills online with an eCheck, credit card, or debit card, log into your online account profile. You may also pay 24 hours a day by Telephone. Call 1. 501. 372. 5161, then choose option 3 to pay your bill using a credit card, debit card, or an eCheck. Payments via E-check are always FREE! Paymentus charges a $2. Each online or telephone Credit Card or Debit Card payment will incur a third-party convenience fee of 49.

22 companies in the Little Rock/North Little Rock metro area have been given permission to accept non-deliquent payments for UBS. The convenient locations bring bill payment closer to your place of residence or business. Each transaction is typically subject to a convenience fee, and only current bills may be paid at these establishments. Click here for locations. The following business day, your account will be credited with any payments made at these locations. To ensure proper credit to your account, you must bring your bill. **Notice** There is a $2 third-party fee when using a Quick Pay location to make a payment. CAW does not collect this fee. Payments can still be made at 221 East Capitol Avenue in Little Rock.

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