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Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation is an electric and gas utility company that provides reliable energy and related services to customers in eight counties of New York State. As a customer of Central Hudson, you can access your account information and pay your bills online through their secure Central Hudson Bill Pay Login. This blog post will provide information on how to access your Central Hudson bill pay account, as well as answer any questions you may have.
The Central Hudson Bill Pay Login portal allows customers to manage their accounts and pay their bills online. With this convenient feature, customers can pay their bills online from any location with an internet connection, 24/7. Customers can also access their account information, view bills and payment history, setup automatic payments, sign up for paperless billing, receive alerts about account activity or bill reminders, and contact Central Hudson customer service. With the Central Hudson Bill Pay Login, customers can take advantage of all of these features, streamlining their energy account management.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:



You receive, view, and pay your energy bill entirely online. Why switch. Easy access: View recent and past billing statements anytime, anywhere you have



It is the easy way to pay bills. you will need to do that first by clicking the “Sign In” link below and then click the “Register” button on that screen

central hudson bill pay login

How it works:

By enrolling in Automatic Payments, your monthly payment will be automatically taken from your chosen bank account, credit card, or debit card. You will still receive monthly billing statements.

Benefits and features of Automatic Payments online include:

  • Its the simplest way to pay your Central Hudson bill. Simply set it and forget it.
  • Freedom to choose your preferred date to have payments deducted.
  • Your preferred payment method may be modified or updated at any time.

Prior to enrolling in automatic payments, it is crucial to pay any outstanding balances. Automatic deductions do not apply to bills that have already been issued. Please be sure to pay any existing balance first.

How to set up Automatic Payments:

1. Create an online account: If you do not already have an account with Central Hudson, you must first create one by clicking the “Sign In” link below. Then, on the following page, click the “Register” button to finish the registration process. If you already have access to your online account, move on to step two.

2. Create a payment option: To create your preferred payment option, go to the Manage My Saved Payment Options page. Go straight to step 3 if you already have a payment method saved in your account.

3. Configure your Automatic Payment Preferences: To configure or manage your automatic payment preferences, click the button below. You will be required to set a max withdrawal amount. No money will be taken from your account if your bill is greater than the maximum you have allowed. A one-time payment must then be made.

If you don’t click the “I’m here” button, your session will time out.


What is going on with Central Hudson billing?

Around 1,000 customers received double bills, and more than 8,000 customer accounts were overcharged. Additionally, the utility automatically withdrew money from 30,000 accounts between September 2021 and June 2022 totaling $16 million after failing to send customers bills for several months, according to the report.

Can I pay my Central Hudson bill with a credit card?

Call (888) 909-4634 or go to our website if you want to use your credit or debit card to pay your Central Hudson bill. Following your registration for our text messaging service, you can send a text to pay your entire balance.

How do I set up an account with Central Hudson?

You must enter a valid email address when you register as a new user. You must re-enroll in eBills, automatic payments, and saved payment preferences if you choose to register as a new user. Click here and then on the “Register” link at the bottom of the Sign In form to register as a new user.

What is my Central Hudson account number?

You can locate this number at the top of each page of any Central Hudson bill printed after September 1 (see Example A below). 1, 2021. At the top of your Account Summary page (requires login). Alternatively, you can use this page to look up a new account number (you must enter your old account number).

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