Cgemc Bill Pay

cgemc bill pay

To better assist you in understanding how your bill is calculated, Central Georgia EMC (CGEMC) is here.Usage, Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment, and Taxes are the three main sections of a CGEMC bill that almost all members share.The Usage category consists of the appropriate charge per kilowatt-hour of energy in addition to the applicable monthly service charge (to cover account administration, power distribution, capacity, and other related expenses).

The Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment is intended to recover additional expenses related to fuel for production, which will ultimately affect how much electricity is delivered to CGEMC members.The energy that CGEMC provides is produced using a variety of fuels.While the cost of the remaining fuels varies (much like other commodities), the price of some of them is typically low and consistent.Due to changes in power prices, the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment listed on your bill may change.

Taxes are unpleasant to pay, but in the modern world they are necessary. Energy sales are taxed at the local and state levelsThe county where electric service is provided determines the local tax rates, and the state tax rate on electricity sales is currently 4%. Taxes are itemized on your CGEMC bill by type

Your CGEMC bill may also include line items for additional goods or services like surge protection, yard lights, or participation in Operation Round Up in addition to the aforementioned components.Our helpful customer service staff is available to act as your go-to energy resource if you ever have inquiries about your CGEMC bill.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

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