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At Choptank Electric, we understand the importance of paying your electric bill in a timely and hassle-free manner. That’s why we make it easier than ever to manage your electricity payments through our convenient and secure bill payment options. With Choptank Electric’s bill pay services, you can pay your bill quickly and easily, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you’re an existing customer or a new customer, our easy-to-use bill pay features make it convenient to make all your payments from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. In this blog post, we’ll explain the different bill pay options available to you and how you can easily make all your payments through Choptank Electric’s secure and reliable payment system.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Payment Options & Your Bill

Pay Online With SmartHub. Paying your bill online has never been easier with SmartHub our secure billing system. SmartHub is easy, convenient, and simple.

Choptank Electric Cooperative: Home

Make a Payment. Make a payment online, anytime with SmartHub. You can also view your latest statement, usage, and much more!

choptank electric bill pay

Pay Online With SmartHub

With SmartHub, our secure billing system, paying your bill online has never been simpler. SmartHub is easy, convenient, and simple. You can go paperless, pay your bill, report outages, receive billing notifications, and do a lot more. There are no fees for paying online.

We also provide a Pay Now option through SmartHub, which is a quick, simple, and practical way to pay a single bill. To use this option, users are not required to register with SmartHub.

Due to security flaws, SmartHub will no longer support Internet Explorer.

The earliest browsers supported by SmartHub Web are as follows:

  • Chrome – 40.0
  • Firefox – 33.0
  • iOS – 9.3
  • Microsoft Edge – 15.0
  • Safari – 10.0

The message “Browser Not Supported – We have detected that you are using a browser that is not supported by SmartHub” will be displayed to customers using an unsupported version. “.

To improve your use of the SmartHub website, download one of the browsers listed below:

This may be an option for you if you’re trying to stick to a budget for your monthly electric bill. The Co-op reviews the accuracy of your payment schedule every four months. Call our Member Service Center at 1-877-892-0001 for more details about this plan.

Members who receive checks from the government or the state and have trouble paying their bills on time may be eligible for the Bill Extender Plan. A bill extender enables the Co-op to postpone the payment deadline for a bill once it becomes past due in accordance with Maryland Code rules. Call our Member Service Center at 1-877-892-0001 for more details.

On the Rates page, you can find bill explainers, including an interactive explanation of a residential bill.

A bank draft authorization (BDA) program allows Choptank Electric Cooperative to withdraw funds from your checking account at a bank, a savings and loan institution, or a credit union in order to pay your monthly electric bill. You can submit the Credit Card and Bank Draft Authorization Form to sign up for Bank Draft.

For the best experience using the Credit Card and Bank Draft authorization form, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the form to your device prior to completing the form.

Call our Member Service Center at 1-877-892-0001 or stop by your neighborhood Cooperative office for more information.

An electronic payment program called recurring credit card authorization enables Choptank Electric Cooperative to charge your credit card (Visa, American Express, or MasterCard) each month to settle your electric bill. You can submit the Credit Card and Bank Draft authorization form to apply for a recurring credit card.

For the best experience using the Credit Card and Bank Draft authorization form, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the form to your device prior to completing the form.

You can stop using this payment option at any time by giving the Member Service Center written notice by calling 1-877-892-0001 from Monday through Friday at 8:00am. – 4:30pm. , or at any time sign up for, modify, or stop this service using your SmartHub account.

Call our Member Service Center at 1-877-892-0001 for more information or help with the Recurring Credit Card Authorization form, or stop by a nearby Cooperative office.

You can use this secure member service line to make payments as well. You can update your current 10-digit phone number at any time, pay your monthly bill with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or check without incurring any fees by calling the automated number and asking to update your current 10-digit phone number. You can also access information like the total of your most recent bill, the sum of all payments the Co-op has received since the most recent bill, and the current payment amount due.

When using the system:

  • Have your Co-op account number ready
  • Use a touch tone phone only
  • Dial 1-866-999-4574
  • Follow voice prompts that instruct you to push the # key on your phone at certain times. (The system may be unavailable at times due to maintenance. ).

Your payment stub and a check or money order should be mailed. Please do not send cash. To make sure the credit is applied correctly, include your account number on the check.

Our Salisbury and Denton drop boxes are available for accepting payments. Any payments made using a drop box are posted the following business day. The location addresses for the drop boxes are as follows:

  • Regional Service Center – 6520 Walston Switch Rd. Salisbury, MD.
  • Denton District Office – 24820 Meeting House Rd. Denton, MD.

All members are welcome at the following locations from Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Any in-person payments made after 3:00 PM will be posted the following business day.

– The main office of Choptank Electric Cooperative is in Denton, Maryland, at 10384 River Road.

– The lobby of the Regional Service Center at 6520 Walston Switch Road Salisbury, MD.

The Denton drive-thru will be unavailable to all members beginning January 1, 2022. Members who still want to pay in person can do so at the Headquarters office using the walk-in service.

*Offices of Choptank Electric Cooperative are no longer furnished with credit card swipe machines due to the safety and security of the membership and to comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations. You can still use the Automatic Member Service Line (1-866-999-4574), SmartHub Web, or the SmartHub app to make credit card payments.

Choptank Electric Members can make payments at any MoneyGram location, such as Walmart & CVS pharmacies. Available locations may be found by visiting the MoneyGram website.

Members will have to pay MoneyGram a $1. 50 transaction fee. Payments are posted between 7:00 a. m. and 9:00 p. m. , 7 days a week.

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