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Scalable, dependable, patient-centered clinical services that work for you. General anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and monitored anesthesia care (MAC) in a range of medical settings are just a few of the services we offer. >>more.

Professional consulting services that improve the quality of your care include clinical and process evaluations, department management and composition, and the creation of action plans. >>more.

Along with electronic filing, credentialing of all anesthesia providers, third-party and Medicare negotiation, flexible billing solutions tailored to your department’s needs, and monthly financial reporting >>more.

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We work with you to come up with an optimal billing solution. In most cases clients pay an hourly rate or they choose to set up a fee-for-service arrangement.

Anesthesia Services Group

Flexible billing solutions tailored to meet your department needs along with third-party and Medicare negotiation, electronic filing, credentialing of all

chs anesthesia services group bill pay

Comprehensive Billing Services Tailored To Your Needs

ASG offers flexible billing options to all of our clients. We collaborate with you to develop the best billing strategy. Most of the time, clients opt to set up a fee-for-service arrangement or pay an hourly rate. All of our billing options are detailed below.

  • Fee for Service – ASG bills for anesthesia services so that the facility offers anesthesia clinicians little to no financial support.
  • Client Billing: ASG handles the client’s anesthesia department’s billing and keeps a small portion of the billing revenue.
  • Hourly Rate – As needed, ASG staffs anesthesia clinicians at an hourly rate, and the client bills for those services either with or without ASG’s assistance.

Additionally, ASG provides credentialing for all anesthesia professionals working in your anesthesia department, monthly financial reporting, and compliant electronic PQRS submission to authorized registries.

To learn more about our service offerings please visit our contact page.

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