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2) Inform [email protected] via email that the payment was made online. Please include the Account Number, Name and a Phone Number.

2) Inform [email protected] via email that the payment was made online. Please include the Account Number, Name and a Phone Number.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay My Bill

Pay My Bill. For Utility Payments please call (256) 329-6710. For EMS Payments please call (256) 329-6756. City of Alexander City Diamond Logo.

To Pay Utility Bills Online – CLICK HERE

To Pay Utility Bills Online – CLICK HERE. First Time Users – After clicking above, create an account. Set up your account with the following information:.

city of alexander city bill pay

Frequently Asked Questions How can I submit my utility payment?

Utility payments may be submitted by:

  • Online 24/7 Bank Draft or Debit / Credit Card
  • Checks or Money Orders Only Cooper Recreation Old City Hall Municipal Complex Drop Box, Open 24/7
  • Visitor: Municipal Complex Utility Collections Check, Cash, Debit Card
  • ACH: Setup automatic payments from your checking account. You can print the Application for Pre-Authorized Payment Form from the website or pick it up at the Municipal Complex.
  • Mail: Utility Collections, P.O. Box 552, Alexander City, AL 35011

The due date is specified on the utility statement. Payments must be made by the due date’s close of business. Payment is required by the close of business on the following business day if the due date falls on a weekend, holiday, or a day that the city recognizes as a holiday. Late fees of $75 will be charged for payments made after the utility statement’s due date. 00 late fee. How do I pay my utility bill online?.

First Time Users:

To create your account, you will need the following information:

  • Recent Utility Statement
  • Last name or business name should be typed exactly as it appears on the utility statement, including all punctuation, spaces, and suffixes.
  • Address
  • Full Utility Account Number – example 001234-000
  • Email Address
  • New Password

The following menu options are available:

  • Dashboard: Shows quick links to other information and a summary of your account’s information.
  • Enter your credit card information in the “Add Credit” box to make the payment. Take note that the bank may charge an extra $1 if this is your first payment or if your payment method has changed. This is a temporary pending transaction. The total of the bill should be the last transaction that appears on your bank statement. Online payments should be made 24 hours before a scheduled delinquent date to prevent service interruption.
  • My Bill – Displays the current bill
  • Activity – Displays payment and billing transactions from your account. Clicking on the billing transaction will bring up more specific billing information.
  • My Profile: Update your email and password; Verify that your email address hasn’t been used; Add multiple accounts to your online account; Contact Us: Provide your phone number and email address to get in touch with Alexander City Utility Collections staff.
  • How do I setup new services if I rent?

If you need to set up or begin utilities at a rental property, you must first contact the Building Department. If I buy or own a house, how do I set up new services?

To setup new service the following information is required:

1. Proof of ownership and/or deed. 2. Provide two forms of government ID. Both IDs must be current and at least one of them must be a photo ID. 3. All balances must be paid in full. What are the deposit amounts for utilities?.

Residents’ utility deposits are determined by a soft credit check, while business and restaurant deposits are determined by a set amount, a table amount, and an estimated amount, respectively.

Residents should be aware that a soft credit check won’t affect their credit. Please call the Utility Collections Department at (256) 329-6700 if you have any questions.

Residential Business Restaurant Industrial Credit Score 665-850 Green Electricity $50 $500 $500 for every ten tables, $1000 for every twenty, and $1500 for every thirty tables, approximately, based on the anticipated load amount. Credit Score 575-664 Yellow Electric $100 Green Gas $50 Green Sewer $50 Green Water $50 ** After 30 days of operation, the City will reevaluate the number of tabletops and adjust the deposit amount appropriately. **The City will reevaluate and adjust the deposit amount in accordance with its findings after 30 days of opening. What is the difference between a rental (MV) and street light? Yellow Gas $100 Yellow Sewer $100 Yellow Water $100 Credit Score 300-574 Red Electric $150 Red Gas $150 Red Water $150 Red Sewer $150

A rental light is billed monthly to the customer. Rental charges are listed as MV charges on your utility bill each month. The City provides funding for a street light, which illuminates a particular area on a city street.

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