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The City of Atwater is committed to providing excellent customer service and convenience to its citizens. As part of this commitment, the city offers an online bill pay service to make it easier for residents to manage their payments for city services. With this service, citizens can pay their bills quickly and securely from any location with an internet connection. Whether you’re paying your water bill, your parking tickets, or your garbage collection fees, using the City of Atwater’s online bill pay system is the fastest and most convenient way to pay. Not only is it easy to use and secure, but you can also save time and money by making payments without having to go to the city office in person. Additionally, you can access your account history, so you can review your payments at any time. With the City of Atwater’s online bill pay system, you can rest assured that your payments will be received and processed quickly, securely, and accurately.

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The City of Atwater offers online utility account management. Users have 24/7 access to view their bill, make payments via credit or debit cards, and sign up

City of Atwater – Official Website of the City of Atwater, California

Pay Utility Bill Online. Users have 24/7 access to view their bill, make payments via credit or debit cards, and sign up for paperless billing.

city of atwater bill pay

Online Utility Bill Account Management

The City of Atwater offers online utility account management. Users can view their bill, pay with credit or debit cards, and sign up for paperless billing at any time.

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The City of Atwater’s administrative procedures for collecting past-due accounts are listed in the Water Discontinuation policy. These include notifications, fees, and suspension of water service. The City is governed by Senate Bill No. as an urban or community water system that provides water to more than 200 service connections. 998, Water Shutoff Protection Act.

Click below to view the discontinuation document:

• Resolution No. Water Shutoff Protection Act Compliant Water Discontinuation Policy, 3132-20 SB 998

Business License

A business is defined by the Atwater Municipal Code as a profession, trade, or occupation, including a home-based business.

According to the Atwater Municipal Code, all new businesses must obtain a business license before engaging in any transactions. Businesses must also get a new license when they relocate to a different location. Operating within the City without a license is prohibited, and violators risk fines.

The applicant must submit an application, pay the necessary fees, and meet all other requirements briefly described here and elsewhere in the Atwater Municipal Code in order to be granted a business license.

A business must also pay annual license fees to keep running in the City.

Every company operating inside the city limits must submit an application for a City Business License. The City of Atwater and MuniServices, LLC have a partnership for the management of the City’s Business Licenses. Taxpayer Support is offered by MuniServices to both new and existing businesses that need to apply for a city license. Contact MuniServices at (866) 240-3665 or [email protected] for information on obtaining a City of Atwater business license. com.

Online Filing is Available for Business Licenses!

Businesses who need to purchase or renew their City of Atwater Business License may do so online at You must have your MuniServices Account ID to file online.

Additional Information and downloadable forms are also available at

Building Division Requirements

The following description of duties is offered for consideration in order to better assist business owners or potential owners looking for a location in the community.

A business license application is typically reviewed by the City of Atwater Building Division, which may also get involved if there is a change in the occupancy or use of the building or if it has been vacant for a while. Before a business license is issued, it’s possible that a business owner will be contacted to schedule an on-site inspection with the building department and possibly the fire department. This may apply to newly established businesses, those moving, as well as those whose owners change in an existing company.

If the facility and business operation comply with the relevant Building and Fire Code requirements will be determined by the inspections. The Fire and Building Departments may decide that certain improvements, renovations, or other actions are necessary to comply with the law and necessitate obtaining a building permit. Before the Business License is approved and the business can open, any outlined requirements must be satisfied and the permit fees paid.

City Financials

It has been made possible for the City of Atwater to access financial reports and conclusions. Click below to view the documents.

Downloadable Documents

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