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As the fourth-most populous city in the state of Colorado, the City of Delta is committed to providing top-notch services to its citizens and businesses. One of these services is the ability to easily and securely pay your city bills online, either through the City of Delta website or through the mobile app. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various options for bill pay within the City of Delta, from online and mobile payments to other payment methods. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using the City of Delta’s payment services, including convenience, security, and cost savings. Whether you’re a resident or a business owner in Delta, understanding how to pay your bills with the City of Delta can make all the difference when it comes to managing your finances.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Online Bill Pay

Utilities Inquiry & Online Bill Pay. Use only the first 4 digits of your License Number. When entering your information, please use the TAB key not the


The City of Delta develops and maintains utility services for residents and businesses. Services include. electric; water; wastewater; refuse.

city of delta bill pay

We make paying your property tax convenient through the Delta Online portal.

We provide additional payment options in addition to Delta Online, such as dropping off your payment cheque in one of the City Hall drop boxes, paying in person at City Hall during business hours, paying by mail, personal online banking, banking over the phone, or in person, or signing up for our pre-authorized debit plan. Giving you a variety of payment options will help you avoid late fees. Residents can view the options below and select their preferred payment method.

  • Pay the City of Delta in person, over the phone, or online Keep your receipt because you might need to show proof of payment. Use the five-digit account number on the top of your utility bill (e.g. Property taxes: Enter the nine-digit folio number printed on the front of your notice (ex. FOLIO NUMBER XXX-XXX-XX-X).
  • Send the bottom half of your bill and a check made out to “City of Delta” to City of Delta at 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, BC V4K 3E2. To avoid a fine, Canada Post must postmark envelopes on or before the deadline.
  • There is a 24-hour mail box outside the front door of City Hall at 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent. There is a 24-hour drop box at the east entrance of the North Delta Recreation Center at 11415 84 Avenue.
  • Pay your property taxes and utilities through deltaonline. ca with your Visa or MasterCard. A convenience fee of 1. 75%%20will%20be%20added%20to%20your%20payment%20amount%20to%20offset%20the%20service%20fees%20Delta%20incurs%20to%20provide%20this%20payment%20option Please be aware that City Hall does not accept credit card payments in person for utility or real estate taxes.
  • %20Pre-authorized%20withdrawals%20enables%20residents%20to:Prepay%20next%20years%20property%20taxes%20and%20flat%20rate%20utilitiesSet%20up%20automatic%20monthly%20transfers%20from%20your%20bank%20accountEarn%20interest%20calculated%20using%20the%20Royal%20Bank%20of%20Canada%20prime-lending%20rate,%20less%204%The%20annual%20Flat%20Rate%20Utility%20Bill%20and%20the%20Property%20Tax%20Notice%20will%20show%20a%20balance%20that%20represents%20the%20current%20years%20charges, The remaining balance must be paid by the due date by the property owner. Please fill out a new Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Form and send it to the Taxation Office at [email protected] to register or if you already have one and your bank information has changed. ca.
  • Set up automatic bank account payments for metered utility bills. To apply for auto debit, please fill out an application and send it to the taxation office at [email protected] ca to start automatic debit for future bills. Any unpaid metered utility bills must be paid by the deadline.
  • Property taxes for this year are due on July 4, 2023. %20A%205%%20penalty%20will%20be%20applied%20to%20all%20accounts%20with%20outstanding%20balances%20after%20July%204,%202023 %20An%20additional%205%%20penalty%20will%20be%20levied%20to%20all%20accounts%20with%20outstanding%20balances%20after%20September%205,%202023
  • Please submit full payment on or before March 31, 2023. %20A%205%%20penalty%20will%20be%20applied%20to%20all%20accounts%20with%20outstanding%20balances%20after%20March%2031,%202023 %20An%20additional%205%%20penalty%20will%20be%20applied%20to%20all%20accounts%20with%20outstanding%20balances%20after%20July%204,%202023,%20and%20a%20further%205%%20penalty%20will%20be%20applied%20after%20September%205,%202023
  • Metered utilities are billed every three months, and full payment is required by the last day of the month after the billing date. The due date is the first business day after the last day of the month if it falls on a weekend. The quarterly billing periods are listed below, along with the dates on which each payment is due. QuarterMetered PeriodBill DateDue DateQuarter 1 January 1 to March 31Mid-AprilMay 31, or first business date thereafterQuarter 2 April 1 to June 30Mid-JulyAugust 31, or first business date thereafterQuarter 3 July 1 to September 30Mid-OctoberNovember 30, or first business date thereafterQuarter 4 October 1 to December 31Mid-JanuaryFebruary 28, or first business

In 2021, the Province took over the administration of the Home Owner Grant Program. Municipalities no longer collect Home Owner Grant applications. The Provincial Home Owner Grant Program helps reduce the amount of property taxes British Columbians pay on their principal residence. Eligible property owners are required to submit their applications for current year Home Owner Grants (2023) or Retroactive Home Owner Grants (2022) electronically through the Province’s website at Claim your home owner grant every year and pay the remaining amount of property taxes by the due date. The City of Delta reverses the penalty on late Home Owner Grants if the application is submitted by September 2 of the current year (or the first business day thereafter).

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