City Of Fort Smith Bill Pay

city of fort smith bill pay

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Paying your city utility bill just got a lot easierThe City of Fort Smith will launch its new digital bill payment system, “PayIt Fort Smith,” on June 1st, 2022.”

Residents and businesses can use Paylt Fort Smith’s online and mobile payment options to pay their water, sewer, and solid waste utility bills.

Carl Geffken, the city administrator, said, “Today, we’ve reached another milestone in our plans to improve customer service and our technology at the City of Fort Smith.”

The City chose PayIt following a thorough evaluation process to offer a cutting-edge digital solution that our customers demand.

“Working with the City to make PayIt Fort Smith a reality for its citizens has been a privilege for our team,” PayIt Chief Revenue Officer Neil Graham said.”

Current users of the current online bill-pay platform must register for a new account on PayIt Fort Smith.Instructions on how to create their new profile and use the autopay feature will be sent to all current autopay customers.

Other payment methods will still be accepted, such as cash, checks, credit cards, and debit cards that can be used in person at City Hall, the Utility Department Drive-Thru, or by mail.

Visit wwwpayitfortsmithargov or get the PayIt Fort Smith app from the App Store or Google Play.

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

City of Fort Smith Self Services

Welcome to the City of Fort Smith’s Self Service Portal. … Online Payments – Visit Here to register your account and make an online payment .

New Digital Payment System for Utility Bills – Fort Smith Water

Paylt Fort Smith will provide online and mobile app payment services to residents and businesses paying their water, sewer, and solid waste utility bills . “ …


How do I pay my Fort Smith water bill?

Visit wwwpayitfortsmithargov or get the PayIt Fort Smith app from the App Store or Google Play.Customers now have the option to:Securely store preferred payment methodsSet up automatic paymentsSchedule bill paymentsCreate reminder notifications for due dates

What is Fort Smith famous for?

The Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas and the ruins of two frontier forts are both part of the Fort Smith National Historic Site. Judge Isaac CParker presided over the court for 21 years and was referred to as the “hanging judge.”

Is Fort Smith Arkansas a good place to live?

Fort Smith, an Arkansas town, has 87,788 residents.One of the best places to live in Arkansas is Fort Smith, which is located in Sebastian County.Residents of Fort Smith enjoy a dense suburban feel, and the majority own their homes.There are numerous parks and coffee shops in Fort Smith.

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