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The City of Franklin offers a wide range of payment options for its citizens, making bill pay a quick and easy process. From online payments to convenient drop-off sites, the City of Franklin is dedicated to making bill pay an effortless and secure experience. The City of Franklin’s bill pay system is designed to increase efficiency and convenience, while ensuring complete safety and accuracy of each payment. With their secure payment system, you can rest assured that your payments are being handled safely and securely. In this blog post, we will explore the various payment options offered by the City of Franklin, and provide an in-depth look at their payment process. We’ll also discuss helpful tips and tricks to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your bill pay experience. Whether you’re looking for the most efficient way to pay your bills or just want to make sure you’re doing it right, the City of Franklin has you covered. Get ready to

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay Your Bill

City Hall is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. You may pay your bill in person between those hours. You may also pay by mail, drop box or online.

Utility Bill Payment

Welcome to the City of Franklin Department of Public Works online bill payment system. To pay your utility bill online with your credit card,

city of franklin bill pay

By Phone – You can pay your bill via our automated phone system by calling 937-249-2290. Processing fee of $1.00. Credit Card Payments will be charged a fee of $2.75, or 2.75% for payments over $100.

Supporting Documents:

Your monthly utility payments are adjusted for seasonal peaks and valleys under the Budget Plan. Your budget amount is determined by Utility Billing Customer Service using your most recent 12 months of billing. Without regard to the peaks and valleys of the seasons, you pay this sum for a year.

Your account is examined annually to see if the monthly payment amount needs to be changed. By paying the same amount each month, you can plan your finances for the entire year. Enrollment is free for qualified customers.

  • Pay in Person at Franklin City Hall’s Treasurer’s Office, 207 West 2nd Avenue, Franklin, Virginia For faster service, bring a copy of your bill.
  • Franklin City Treasurer, 207 West 2nd Avenue, Franklin, VA 23851 is the address for mail-in payments. Be sure to include your remittance slip.
  • The parking lot next to Franklin City Hall has a night deposit box (rear). Please do not deposit cash. Include your account number on your check or money order. Daily pickup of this occurs by 8 AM, excluding holidays.
  • You can use the online payment portal to settle your account at your convenience by visiting www. franklinva. com and following the required steps. Your account number and the WIPP (Pin) number listed on your utility bill are requirements.

Applications for Energy Assistance Programs are accepted by the Franklin Department of Social Services. Fuel and Cooling Assistance is available for eligible customers. Call the Franklin Department of Social Services at 757-562-8529 for more details or to find out if you’re eligible for these programs.

All amounts due and must be paid in addition to the reconnect fee when a utility service is disconnected for failure to pay a past due utility bill before a utility service is restored in addition to the reconnection fee. No personal checks will be accepted.

Hours of Reconnection & Fees:

Monday through Friday 8:30 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. (except holidays, a standard reconnection fee will apply). After 4:00 p. m. until 8:00 p. m. The standard reconnection fee plus an additional after-hours service fee will be charged (except on holidays).

We understand that there is a lot of information on your monthly utility bill and that there may be some confusion about how your bill is calculated. The information on this page should help you understand your bill and hopefully clear up some of that confusion.Understanding your Bill

You’ll see that there are different fees for the following: water, sewage, electricity, and garbage Your monthly minimum base charges on your water, wastewater, and electric bills each go toward covering these services’ administrative costs. Depending on how much water and sewer is used, expressed in gallons, there are additional fees. Your electric bill is calculated based on how many kilowatt hours you use of electricity over a certain period of time. Once per month, typically around the 20th of the month, meters are electronically read. The usage period is usually 30 days. The Garbage Charges are the same amount per month.

Other Fees: Late fees or penalties assessed to the account for payments made after the payment deadline

  • Amount Due: The total amount owed, which includes both current and past-due sums.
  • The sum you indicate as payment on the account is known as the “Amount Paid.”
  • Remittance Address: This address must be visible through the window when sending your payment.
  • Payment Coupon: If sending payment via USPS or making payment in person, please tear off and place this coupon with your payment in the envelope provided.
  • Address receiving the service; may not be the same as the address of the customer
  • Client Name
  • Customer Number: Your account’s Utility Billing Customer Service number
  • Bill Date: The date bills were mailed.
  • To avoid receiving a penalty notice, the “current charges” must be paid by the due date.
  • PastDue: The amount not paid from previous month(s).
  • Current Charges: An explanation of the expenses you incurred from the “Date From” to the “Date To” period listed on your bill, such as water, sewer, water tax, electric, fuel adjustment, electric taxes, and garbage.
  • The total amount owed, along with any past-due and current fees
  • Account Summary: Outstanding Charges from Unpaid Past Due Balances Water
  • Important Notifications: Notifications about your account, utility activities, general information, citywide utility changes, and other news will be displayed here.

New Account Installation-Electric $10. 00 New Account Installation – Water & Sewer $10. 00 New Account Installation – Refuse Collection $10. Residential Accounts: $0.00 Deposit; Commercial Accounts: $450 Deposit; Average Usage of Facility: Two Months; Late Fee if Not Paid by the 20th: $15 00 Business Hours /Standard Reconnection Fee $75. 00 After Hours Reconnection Fee $100. 00 ($75+$25) 2nd Trip Charge $50. 00 Meter Tampering Investigation $250. 00 Return Check Charge $50. 00 Reprinting of Bill $5. 00 .

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