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The City of St. Peters is a vibrant and bustling community, filled with people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. From young families to retirees, St. Peters is home to a diverse network of individuals and businesses. One of the things that makes the city so great is its focus on providing convenient services to its residents. One of the most important of these services is its bill pay system. With the City of St. Peters’ bill pay system, residents can quickly and easily pay their bills online, saving time and money. This blog post will explore the features and benefits of the St. Peters bill pay system, to help residents make the most of its advantages. From the convenience of online payments to the various payment options available, this blog post will explore what the City of St. Peters has to offer for its bill pay services.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

St. Peters Utility Billing

You can make payments through the mail, through automatic debits from your bank account, online using Bill Pay services, or at City Hall, One St. Peters Centre

Online Services

Peters offers a number of online services that can help you complete your City business or connect with the City remotely: BillPay (view and pay your utility

city of st peters bill pay

Automatic Bill PayIn order to enroll in the Automatic Bill Payment option, you must complete an Authorization for Automatic Bill Payment form and return it to the Utility Billing Department with a voided check.


Water Usage Rates Minimum Charge
First 4,000 gallons (min. 5/8″) $23.42 $23.42
Next 6,000 gallons $4.23/thousand $25.38
Next 10,000 gallons $3.27/thousand $32.70
More than 20,000 gallons $2.77/thousand
Meter Size Gallons Rates
1” 20,000 $81.50
1½” 40,000 $136.90
2” 60,000 $192.30
3” 100,000 $303.10
4” 200,000 $580.10
6” 200,000 $580.10
8” 200,000 $580.10

All usage over these minimums is billed at $2. 77 per 1,000 gallons.

The Missouri Safe Water Drinking Act (House Bill No. 1393), all water users in the state are required to pay an annual fee to fund a state commission that conducts water safety tests. In St. Peters, this state fee is added to your February/March bill.


Effective Oct. Changes to residential sewer systems will go into effect on January 1, 2022, based on winter water consumption averages from October through March. Each spring, fees are reevaluated, and the new rates take effect with the first billing following June 1. Sewer fees for businesses, industries, governments, and nonprofit organizations will be calculated based on actual water usage for each billing.

Fixed Sewer Rates Based on Winter Usage:

Usage Charge Total
Residential 9,500 gallons $32.40 $5.14 $37.54
Duplex/Town 8,000 gallons $27.28 $5.14 $32.42
Multi-Family 78,200 gallons $266.67 $5.14 $271.81


Standard Residential Service: per 2 month billing cycle:*

Trash Collection Service $53.44
Landfill Charge $0.50

*A $30 activation fee will be added to the first billing following the start of the services.

You can start or stop St. Peters Utility Services by calling the Utility Billing Department ext. 1217 at 636-477-6600 or 636-278-2244. Alternatively, you can request starting or stopping service by completing an online form:

To reach Utility Billing, call ext. 1217 at either 636. 278. 2244 or 636. 477. 6600.

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