Clinton Utilities Board Online Bill Pay

clinton utilities board online bill pay

The Utility Billing Division’s goals are to accurately and promptly invoice all utility customers, carefully regulate the termination of service for people who do not pay their bills according to the terms specified in the municipal code, and investigate customer inquiries about utility charges.Additionally, the Utility Billing Division is in charge of setting up and maintaining utility services for clients while ensuring that all city policies and procedures pertaining to these transactions are adhered to.

The Utility Billing Division is made up of customer service representatives, billers, and field service technicians who perform tasks related to utility billing and collections, such as servicing utility customers’ accounts, performing some limited on-site maintenance, recording meter data for future billing, reviewing billing data, and creating about 4500 utility bills each month.

Within the city limits and in the surrounding areas, the City of Clinton offers residential, commercial, and industrial customers water, sanitary sewer, and electrical services.

You can find information about our utility rates and services, as well as an application for services and our deposit agreement, by clicking on the links below.

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