Davie County Water Bill Pay

Payment of water bills is an important responsibility for Davie County residents. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, making sure your water bill is paid on time can help you maintain a good relationship with your local utility company. Paying your water bill also helps ensure that your water supply is consistently reliable. The Davie County Water Bill Pay System has been designed to make paying bills easier and more convenient for customers. This post will provide an overview of the Davie County Water Bill Pay System, and discuss the various payment methods available to customers. We will also review the services offered and explain how to access the online payment portal. Finally, we will provide tips on how to maximize savings when paying your water bill.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:



Pay taxes, utility payments and permit payments.

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Access available resources for the water department. Can I pay my bill over the phone? When is my bill due? Why is my water bill so high?

davie county water bill pay


How do I pay my Davie water bill?

To make a payment, you can also call the Paymentus IVR at (855) 288-1496. If you are paying by phone or online and your water has been turned off, you must call the customer service office at 954-797-1065 to inform them that your bill has been paid in order to be reconnected.

How much is water per month in NC?

Utility Costs in North Carolina
Utility Average North Carolina Bill
Electricity $118
Gas $119
Cable & Internet $113
Water $20

What is a utility bill?

A monthly statement of the sum due for necessary services or utilities is known as a utility bill. Examples of utilities include electricity, water and gas.

What is Davie County NC famous for?

The Mocksville Masonic Picnic, which has been held annually in August since 1878, is one of North Carolina’s oldest annual festivals and is held in Davie County. Davie County, which for many years has been the top dairy-producing county in the state, is dominated by agriculture.

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