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Making sure your pest control bills are paid on time can help ensure that your home or business is properly protected from unwanted visitors. At Dewey Pest Control, we understand the importance of having a timely and convenient payment process for our clients. That’s why we’ve developed an easy-to-use online Bill Pay feature that allows you to quickly and securely pay your pest control bills from anywhere. With our Bill Pay system, you can make payments using your credit or debit card, or even your bank account. Our system is completely secure and provides you with the convenience of paying your bills on your own schedule. With our easy-to-use Bill Pay feature, you can be sure that your pest control bills are paid on time and you can rest assured that your property is always protected.

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dewey pest control bill pay


How much is pest control service per month?

Payment Period Average Cost of Pest Control ServiceAverage Cost Annual $400–950 Monthly $30–50 Per Visit $80–120 Initial Visit $330–350

Is paying for pest control worth it?

In most cases, professional exterminating yields quicker and more effective results than do-it-yourself techniques. By spotting pest issues early and getting rid of them quickly, they can also save you money by averting an expensive infestation and/or damage in the future.

How much is a pest control contract?

Because eradicating pests is a valuable service to home and business owners, having a pest control contract is beneficial to both the company and the customer.

Benefits of a Pest Control Contract
  • Monthly: The average fee is $40 to $45.
  • Semi-monthly: Averages $50 to $60.
  • Quarterly: Averages $100 to $300.

How do pest control make money?

4 Strategies to Increase the Revenue of Your Pest Control…
  1. Get a grip on the financials. Monitoring operations and cash flow is the fundamental business strategy for increasing revenue.
  2. Become customer-centric. The customer is always the king. …
  3. Improve efficiency. …
  4. Invest in knowledge management.

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