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To avoid late fees, it’s crucial to pay your DirecTV bill on time. DirecTV also offers the ability to pay with cash and money orders, though most people will find that paying online is the most convenient option.

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS Customer Service, Account & Login Support

By phone – to make a one-time payment through our automated telephone system or with a representative, call 888.388.4249 . Payments are accepted 24/7 in our

Ways to Pay Your AT&T Bill

Learn about the convenient ways to pay your AT&T bill. Make payments online, over the phone, in person, and by mail.

directv bill pay phone

  • Call 800.531. 5000 and say “make a payment” when prompted to pay using our automated system.
  • When making a payment with an agent a one-time processing fee of $5 may apply.

DIRECTV’s customer service phone number is: (800) 531-5000

Customer service hours: Monday – Sunday 8:00 a.m. – midnight

Call DIRECTV customer service to:

  • Access and edit your account information
  • Billing and payments
  • Tech support
  • Orders and setup
  • Channel lineups
  • DIRECTV business service phone number

    (877) 721-0265

  • DIRECTV service change/transfer phone number

    (844) 202-9192

  • Order new services

    (888) 895-0541

Contact our DIRECTV experts to learn where you can get DIRECTV. Give us a call to order DIRECTV for your home. When it is most convenient for you, our experts are ready to help you finish your order and schedule your installation.

If you’re unsure of how to pay your DIRECTV bill, there are a few options available. You can pay your DIRECTV bill in full at once or you can set up DIRECTV online bill pay with autopay.

  • Call the DIRECTV billing line at (800) 531-5000 or the AT&T billing line to pay your DIRECTV bill by phone. m. and midnight ET.
  • Pay your DIRECTV bill online: Visit directv. com and select View Your Statement from the quick links section after clicking Sign in. Follow the instructions to complete your DIRECTV bill payment.
  • Find your designated DIRECTV mailing address and send a check or money order along with your statement to pay your DIRECTV bill by mail.
  • Enroll in DIRECTV auto bill pay to have your payments deducted from your bank account each month to pay your DIRECTV bill. You might also be eligible for short-term $5 or more DIRECTV bill credits if you sign up for auto bill pay.
  • Although DIRECTV does not have any physical locations, you can pay your DIRECTV bill in person at any Western Union location.

Your DIRECTV account may incur fees and experience service interruptions if payments are made late or partially. Region and the amount of the outstanding DIRECTV bill may affect late fees.

Call (800) 531-5000 DIRECTV customer service hours: Mon-Sun, 8 a. m. – midnight ET. Say “disconnect DIRECTV” to get connected to a representative. To terminate DIRECTV service at your residence, you must be the account holder.

There are a few ways to get in touch with DIRECTV customer service agents if you don’t have time to call their number. Find your preferred contact method below.

Visit AT&T – Contact Us and select “DIRECTV” or “DIRECTV NOW.” Then tap on “Chat Available” and type your question where prompted in the chat box.

Want AT Technical support for internet, TV and phone is available 24/7. Visit AT&T customer service for more information.

Visit the DIRECTV troubleshooting page and type your question in the search box at the top of the page or browse answers to common technical issues.

DIRECTV or AT can be contacted.

AT&T’s help forum, @ATTHelp, is a great resource for posting comments and questions regarding your DIRECTV service.

Not every problem requires a phone call to customer service. View a few brief how-to manuals to resolve your DIRECTV service issues quickly, simply, and at your own convenience.

  • What should I do if I receive a specific error code when trying to access my DIRECTV service?Check out this online list of typical error codes for some quick fixes you should try.
  • Since DIRECTV is a subsidiary of AT&T, I cannot remember my DIRECTV email password. either the myAT or Forgot password options.
  • Is DIRECTV unavailable where I am? All DIRECTV and AT To get the most recent status on all reported outages in or near your area, just sign in to the online portal.
  • My DIRECTV recordings aren’t appearing. How can I fix this? Reset your Genie DVR by pressing the tiny red button hidden behind the front panel. Press List on your DIRECTV remote after your device restarts to view your recordings. To reset your primary Genie device, do not use Genie Minis.
  • There are two ways to reset your receiver for DIRECTV service. Either press the red reset button found in your receiver’s access card door or unplug the device’s power cord for 15 seconds before replugging it in. Then, press the power button for your receiver to restart. Having other receiver issues? Troubleshoot more DIRECTV receiver issues here.
  • My DIRECTV remote isn’t working. If you’re having trouble with the remote control, go through this quick checklist. You can also troubleshoot additional DIRECTV remote problems here. Check the batteries. Make sure you are in DIRECTV mode. Program your remote. Ensure that nothing is blocking the remote’s emitter or the receiver’s sensor.

DIRECTV is a subsidiary of AT&T. Don’t worry, you can contact DIRECTV support by dialing (800) 531-5000 or the AT&T customer service number.

The Genie or Genie Mini’s red reset button should be easy to find. The access card slot on the front of Genie devices houses the red button. The red button is located on the side or back of Genie Minis. Press the button to reset the box.

Use your DIRECTV TV login to stream DIRECTV or select networks included in your DIRECTV package remotely. Your DIRECTV TV login is the same as your account login. If you forgot your DIRECTV TV login, go to for instructions on how to look up your user name and reset your password.

Call the AT&T or DIRECTV customer service lines at (800) 531-5000. m. and midnight ET. Press “0” repeatedly until you are asked to give the reason for your call after you have confirmed the phone number listed on the account. Your call will be connected to the next available representative after you have given the reason for your call.

Call the DIRECTV customer service number at (800) 531-5000 or visit and fill out the requested information to get an explanation of your bill sent to you within 10 business days.

You can watch DIRECTV in other ways even if your DIRECTV satellite temporarily loses signal.

  • To access any DVR recordings, press List on your TV remote.
  • On your tablet or laptop — Watch online at
  • Use the DIRECTV app on your phone to watch on the go.

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What is DIRECTV billing phone number?

Call 888 to use our automated phone system to make a one-time payment or to speak with a representative. 388. 4249 . Payments are accepted 24/7 in our automated system.

Can I pay my DIRECTV bill without logging in?

You only need your account information and payment information to pay your bill online; did you know that?

How do I pay my ATT DIRECTV bill?

Ways to pay your bill
  1. You can sign into myAT online.
  2. AutoPay – Use your checking or savings account, debit card, or credit card to automatically pay your bill each month.
  3. Using your phone, visit our mobile website, send us a text message, or call us to pay your bill.

How to pay DIRECTV?

Ways to pay your bill
  1. You can sign into myAT online.
  2. AutoPay – Use your checking or savings account, debit card, or credit card to automatically pay your bill each month.
  3. Using your phone, visit our mobile website, send us a text message, or call us to pay your bill.

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