Duck River Electric Bill Pay

Apply for electric service at one of our eight regional offices or online here, and follow the instructions to provide the necessary identification documents. As a DREMC member, once your electric account is set up, you can log in and access your account, make payments, and submit outage reports via our website.

Find out how we can manage your account for you using practical options like Budget Billing, PowerUp Prepay, and more!

During regular business hours, call your local DREMC office if you need help with your account.

Being a member of DREMC means that you play a significant role in the organization. We are committed to serving the members of the cooperative.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Billing & Payment Options

Call any DREMC office and use the interactive voice response system to pay bills using a debit/credit card or check. No extra fees apply. Electronic Check.

Customer Portal

PAY NOW. Click here to login to our customer service portal to make payments. Start Service. Need to establish,

duck river electric bill pay

To sign in, please use a 10-digit password. This may require you to reset your current password, or you may use the one you’ve already created for DREMC’s mobile app. The 10-digit password requirement will make the process more convenient for members using both the online portal and DREMC’s  mobile app.

The Project HELP program of Duck River Electric is an emergency residential energy assistance program that is managed by neighborhood nonprofits in the seven counties it serves and is funded by the kind donations of DREMC members and staff.

To apply for electric bill assistance through Project HELP, visit the charity organization in the county where you live. Complete the application process and provide any required identification and your current DREMC bill, including the account number.

Direct Project HELP funding is sent to DREMC to cover a portion of the eligible applicant’s bill. Any balance remaining is the member’s responsibility.

In order to help those who are struggling financially and are unable to pay their electricity bills, Project HELP accepts both regular and one-time donations.


A group of civic-minded individuals democratically established the electric cooperative Duck River Electric Membership Corporation in 1936 with the aim of bringing central station electricity to rural areas that were previously unserviced. Investor-owned utilities believed that bringing electricity to rural areas would not be profitable due to the sparse population density. However, this was the goal of electric cooperatives like DREMC, and because of their support, electrification started in the 1930s and 1940s. DREMC is still owned by its members today as it was back then. Additionally, DREMC now ranks as the fourth-largest electric cooperative in Tennessee by membership due to the rapid growth of the southern Middle Tennessee region it serves over the years.

DREMC provides its members with safe, dependable electric service at the most affordable price. Additionally, being a member of DREMC entitles you to ownership in the cooperative and voting rights regarding its goals. Serving our members, the people who call Middle Tennessee home, is an honor for us.

Account Name Status Service Address Due Date Balance
Tiger Nixon System Architect Edinburgh 61 2011/04/25 $320,800

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How much is the deposit for Duck River Electric?

If you have deposited more money into your DREMC account than the $50 required for PowerUp Prepay enrollment, the extra money will first be used to pay off any outstanding bills.

Who owns Duck River Electric?

Duck River Electric Membership Corporation | A Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

Where does Duck River Electric get its power?

DREMC purchases its electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). DREMC is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative. The four core values of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives—integrity, accountability, innovation, and commitment to community—direct their high standards of service.

How many customers does Duck River Electric have?

Currently, we obtain electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority and provide nearly 81,500 customers with trouble-free electric service. Employees of DREMC go above and beyond to guarantee your access to electricity 365 days a year.

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