Empact Emergency Physicians Bill Pay

empact emergency physicians bill pay

By selecting the “Pay Your Bill” icon found on our homepage, you can make an online payment if you’d like to.Your account number, which is information required to make an online payment, is displayed on your billing statement.Please “Always Allow” pop-ups on our secure payment page in order to get a receipt.You won’t be able to print a record-keeping receipt for your payment if pop-ups are not permitted.

By calling our TPMG Central Billing Office at (757) 232-8777, payments can also be made, and a representative will take care of the transaction over the phone.In addition, you can pay by mail or in person at any of our TPMG office locations.Payments for services rendered at one TPMG office may be made at any other TPMG office.

All TPMG offices where services were provided during that billing cycle will have all of their billing statements combined on one statement.

Sometimes, your payment will arrive in the mail along with our billing statement.A bill that may have already been paid will result from this.If you believe this to be the case and have already made a payment, please get in touch with our billing office so that one of our representatives can check your account and verify that the payment has been received and posted to it.You will be informed by our representative if you should ignore the billing statement.

Furthermore, all payments made to TPMG are always applied to any outstanding balance.If you are paying for your present visit (copay, etc.),), and you still owe money to any TPMG office, the money you have paid will be applied to the older balance.

Call the TPMG Central Billing Office directly at (757) 232-8777 or (877) 271-3810 if you have any questions or would like an itemized statement for your bill or account.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay Bill | EPPA – Excellence in Minnesota Emergency Medicine


Your bill from Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA) is for the provider you saw during a visit to the emergency department.

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