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Welcome to Empire Bill Pay! Simplifying your payments has never been easier. At Empire Bill Pay, we understand that life can be hectic and that it can be difficult to keep track of all your bills. That’s why we offer convenient and secure online payment options that allow you to manage your bills all in one place. With Empire Bill Pay, you can rest assured that your payments are being taken care of and that you’re able to keep your finances organized. Our comprehensive suite of services allows you to track all of your bills in one place and make payments quickly and securely. Whether you’re paying for your utilities, rent, or mortgage, Empire Bill Pay has you covered. With our innovative technology, you can be sure that your payments are getting where they need to go quickly and hassle-free.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Make a Payment


Pay by phone · Call 1-855-554-7194 · Follow the prompts to use the automated system or have a representative assist you · Provide your payment information.

How To Manage Your Empire Bill Pay


Pay online. Log in to your member account and enter your banking information to make premium payments online. You can also set up reminders, so you never miss a

empire bill pay

It’s automatically deducted! No need to write checks any longer with DirectPay.

With the help of the DirectPay service, you can set up recurring direct debits from your chosen checking or savings account to pay your Empire Access bill.

DirectPay is available to all Empire Access customers with an active checking or savings account.

Any and all of the services that Empire Access offers can be combined with DirectPay.

Empire Access sets up a secure electronic funds transfer connection with your bank, through which the appropriate sum is taken out of your account and added to your Empire services account. The deal will be made five business days before the deadline. You’ll continue to get a monthly statement that details the payment that will be deducted automatically from your account.

A DirectPay enrollment form is available for download, printing, and submission on our website, www. empiretelephone. com. Once you have delivered the form to our office, we will take care of the rest. You can also get an enrollment form from our office.

  • DirectPay is FREE! DirectPay saves you money. No checks and no stamps are needed.
  • DirectPay saves you time. There is no need to write checks or go to the post office or billing office any longer.
  • DirectPay is worry-free. Your payment is made automatically.

Call 800-692-0964 for more information on DirectPay.

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