Farmington Nm Electric Bill Pay

farmington nm electric bill pay

Call (505) 599-1353 Option 7 to report a power outage if you or someone you know is experiencing one.

You can view the FEUS Electrical Outage Map by clicking on the icon below.The FEUS service territory’s active outages are shown on this map.FEUS is attempting to fix all issues as quickly and successfully as possible.

Check your fuse box for blown or tripped circuit breakers if your power does go out.Call (505) 599-1353, Option 7 to report the outage if this is not the reason.Please respond to the questions with the closest options you think represent the issue.

Make sure your electric account’s phone number is current by calling (505) 599-1353 and speaking with a customer service agent.

Alternatively, you can change your phone number by dialing (505) 599-1353, then choosing option 3 and option 7.

Beware of False Calls From the City of Farmington! FEUS will NEVER call and demand immediate payment with a threat of disconnection.The day before disconnect, we call or mail out all of our disconnect notices.Customers have reported receiving calls purporting to be from the City of Farmington utility requesting immediate payment and threatening to disconnect service if you do not pay, according to the Farmington Electric Utility System.Our customers report that the caller ID occasionally indicates that it is from a 1-800 number and other times that it is from 505-599-1353.These con artists are very combative, and they become hostile if you challenge them in any way.NEVER will FEUS call to demand immediate payment and threaten to disconnect the line.The day before disconnect, we call or mail out all of our disconnect notices. Please DO NOT pay the scammersCall customer service at 505-599-1353 after you’ve hung up to find out your account’s status.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

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