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In today’s digital age, paying bills is easier than ever. Businesses and individuals alike are becoming more reliant on online payment services, as they are quick and convenient. Fidelis Bill Pay is a revolutionary online payment platform that takes the hassle out of traditional payment methods and provides users with a quick, secure, and reliable way to pay their bills. It eliminates the need for paper bills and checks, and provides customers with a simple, user-friendly interface for making payments. Fidelis Bill Pay is a secure and smart payment solution for businesses and individuals, helping them save time and money. With a wide variety of features, such as automatic payments, scheduled payments, and user notifications, it’s never been easier to manage payments. Whether you’re a business or an individual trying to make payments quickly and securely, Fidelis Bill Pay is the ideal payment solution.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Make A Payment

Paying online is a quick and easy way to make a SECURE payment for your monthly Fidelis Care premium. This service is available 24 hours a day,

Sign in to Member Portal

The Member Portal gives you access to your Fidelis Care account 24 hours a day, Pay your monthly premium and set up auto-pay; Find health care providers

fidelis bill pay

Login to your account, make a payment, see benefits and more.

Your monthly Fidelis Care premium can be paid quickly and easily online in a SECURE manner. This service is offered 365 days a year, seven days a week.

There are numerous ways to pay, including debit cards and online banking. To use this service, you’ll need a debit card OR your checking account’s 9-digit account number and routing number. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card for credit card payments.

On September 17, 2022, the Fidelis Cares online payment portal will be upgraded. A new, user-friendly interface and more features have been added to the redesigned payment system to enhance your experience. Your monthly Fidelis Care premium can be paid quickly and easily online in a SECURE manner. This service is offered 365 days a year, seven days a week.

Please read the User Guide if you have any questions regarding the new portal.

You can also contact Member Services at 1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547), TTY: 711.

To make your first payment if you recently signed up for Child Health Plus, the Essential Plan, or a Metal-Level Product, please click the button below. Have your NY State of Health Confirmation ID ready.

Pay your premium online using your Member ID. Have the member ID available if you are paying for another member.

AutoPay: an Easier Way to Pay Your Monthly Premium

Log in to your Member Portal account at members. fideliscare. org to activate AutoPay, which will guarantee that your payments are always made on time. Setting it up is easy:

  • Click the “Make a Payment” button after signing in to the Member Portal.
  • Select the name of your plan
  • To complete setting up AutoPay, select the “AutoPay Scheduling” tab, then choose either the standard or the custom option. With the default setting, your balance will be paid automatically five days before it’s due.

Please call Member Services at 1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547); TTY: 711 if you have any questions.


How do I submit a bill to Fidelis Care?

Through Ability’s claims portal, Fidelis Care provides a free online claims submission service. To learn more about Ability, call 1-888-499-5465 or visit www. mdon-line. com/fideliscare. You may also get in touch with another clearinghouse to start submitting an 837-claim to Fidelis Care.

How do I check my Fidelis plan?

By logging into the Member Portal, you can access your Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Subscriber Contract, Formulary, and other crucial plan documents. The Summary of Benefits and Coverage lists some of your plan’s most important benefits and estimates their potential costs.

Does Fidelis Care have an app?

Download the app, then enter your member code to access healthcare on your phone, 24/7.

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