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For retail and online businesses, especially those operating in specialized industries, we provide payment processing solutions.

Our top priority is to provide our clients with the specialized payment solutions they need to run effectively while delivering first-rate customer service. Read more….

No matter how big or small a business is, we provide convenient payment options, including debit and credit card processing solutions. Read more….

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We have a solution to fit the stage of your business, whether you’re about to open your very first store, launch an online venture, or hire your 100th employee. Your business will continue to grow and you will continue to save money thanks to our special banking connections, innovative business model, and background in compliance.

We help businesses successfully implement our payment solution for the first time. We take pride in providing clients with peace of mind through compliance and customer service.

With the same settlement and return reporting timing as the check network, our eCheck 21 solution settles electronic payments. Additionally, RCC items enable retailers to give customers additional transactional information like the company name, check number, and customer service phone number.

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Flex – Flex


Pay rent and get rewarded. Flex is a simple app that pays your rent on the 1st and lets you pay it back when it works. And now Flex accepts credit and debit



Flex is an early-stage, remote-first FinTech startup that is bringing flexible payments to recurring bills. Flex is a multi-bill platform.

flex bill pay

How Flex works.With Flex, you choose when and how you pay rent. Each month, you pay half of your total rent and finance the other half with a Flex line of credit. You have the flexibility to choose your second payment date to better align with your paycheck.

You pay half right away…

When it’s due, we fully pay your rent to your property.

…and you pay the other half later.

$14.99 monthly membership plus rent processing fee.

I do recommend anyone using this. It’s improving my credit, and I always pay my rent on time. Sonia.

I love this. Since I only get paid twice a month and have other large bills, having my rent split is great for me as a single mom who is currently living paycheck to paycheck. Nikki.

Paydays at my newly started job are on the seventh and the twenty-first. Excellent way to balance your month’s rent payments Tim.

Their communication is incredible, and it is so convenient and stressful-relieving. Lee.

I enjoy paying my rent on time now because it saves me money on late fees. Jillian.

This app helps incredibly to improve cash flow and balance. Daniel.

Are you an owner or property manager? We can help you help your residents.

Rent will be paid on time and at no cost to you with Flex.


How does Flex pay work?

No matter how many hours they work in a given week, the employee still receives their regular salary with flex pay. An employee who works more than 40 hours in a week will be compensated an hourly rate equal to one-half of their regular rate for each additional hour.

Is Flex a good way to pay rent?

Flex may, in theory, make sense for many renters who require a little more leeway with their payments. Although the price isn’t outrageous, $130 a year isn’t a small outlay. Flex is ideal for renters who live paycheck to paycheck, provided the service’s cost doesn’t negatively impact them as well.

What credit score do you need for flex pay?

To be taken into consideration for the Freedom Flex card, you probably need to have a good to excellent credit score of at least 670.

Does Flex pay charge a fee?

FlexPay allows you to purchase what you want now and pay for it in manageable installments at no additional cost and without incurring interest. And no hidden fees. At checkout, just select the FlexPay option, and we’ll split your purchase into up to five equal monthly payments.

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