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The Gary Sanitary District provides essential services to the residents of Gary, Indiana and the surrounding areas. It is a vital part of the local infrastructure and its continued success is essential for the health of the community. In order to ensure that the Gary Sanitary District remains financially sound and able to provide these essential services, it is critical for all customers to remain up-to-date on their bills. This blog post will explore the various payment options available to customers of the Gary Sanitary District, as well as tips and advice to help streamline the bill payment process. With the right combination of payment options and strategies, paying your bill for the Gary Sanitary District can be easy and stress-free. We’ll also provide information on how to get help if you need assistance with your bill payment, as well as how to dispute a charge or set up payment arrangements if needed. So, whether you’re a new customer or a long-time resident, understanding the Gary

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Gary Sanitary District

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Gary Sanitary District (IN)

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gary sanitary district bill pay


The Board of Sanitary Commissioners started a construction program that included several interceptors and a wastewater treatment plant after The Gary Sanitary District was established in 1938. At the current location, this original plant was operational in 1940. The treatment facility was an activated sludge process with a nominal capacity of 20 million to 40 million gallons per day (MGD). In 1962, improvements and expansions were started to increase the treatment capacity of the plant.

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A publicly owned wastewater utility, Gary Sanitary District is dedicated to enhancing Northwest Indiana’s quality of life, stimulating the local economy, and offering top-notch water environment services in a way that is ethical, responsible, efficient, and welcoming to customers. The Gary Sanitary District will also make use of the most advanced technology to meet and surpass regulatory standards and provide a healthy, inspiring workplace that fosters the development of its employees’ leadership.

In order to safeguard public health and the environment, Gary, like other local governments across the country, must manage stormwater. Stormwater is runoff from a rainstorm or melting snow. Urban stormwater drains from parking lots, streets, and roofs into sewers and storm drains, eventually reaching our rivers and lakes. We all live in a watershed. The area of land that water flows across or under as it travels to a stream, river, or lake is known as a watershed. So that the storm water that flows across our land does not end up polluting the Grand Calumet or Little Calumet Rivers or Lake Michigan, we need to keep our yards, driveways, streets, and business operations clean.

Oils, fuels, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides, industrial and commercial chemicals, and wastes can be improperly stored and handled, exposing these pollutants to storm water that drains into waterways. By keeping their properties tidy, litter-free, and properly managing chemicals and wastes, homeowners, business owners, and municipalities can protect the quality of the water they use. Customer Service:

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