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Managing monthly bills can be a real time-consuming and confusing task, especially if you are juggling several different accounts and payments. The good news is that there are now numerous online services that can greatly simplify the process for you. The Greater Louisiana Public Service (GLPS) bill pay service is one such service; it offers a convenient, secure way for customers to pay their bills quickly, with no extra cost. This blog post will explore the features and benefits of the GLPS bill pay service, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the service. With this service, you can easily keep track of your bills and make sure that all payments are made on time and accurately. The GLPS bill pay service is ideal for anyone looking to save time, energy and money when managing their bills. Keep reading to find out more and to get started with the GLPS bill pay service.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Payment Options

Phone – You can make a payment using your phone by dialing 1-866-999-4581. Pay Now – For quick and easy payments without having to login into

Greeneville Light & Power

Would you prefer to make payments on your own schedule? Try going prepaid! For more information call 423-636-6200 and ask us about your pre-pay options.

glps bill pay


What is the prepaid phone number for Greeneville Light & Power?

Call 423-636-6200 for more details and ask us about your pre-pay options if you would prefer to make payments on your own schedule.

What is the Greeneville Light and Power after hours number?

Bowlin advised GLPS customers to call 423-636-6200 if they experience an outage that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

How do I report a power outage in Greeneville Tennessee?

A: Call 423-636-6200 and select option 1 for outages. Utilizing the Smarthub app for Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can also report an outage.

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