Golden West Bill Pay

golden west bill pay

Pay your bills without the hassle of buying stamps and writing checks. Goldenwest’s bill pay service is fast and freeWith online bill pay, you can send payments to nearly any individual, business, or organization in the USAdditionally, you can arrange recurring payments for monthly bills like utility bills or loan payments.

There are two ways to send payments: electronically or using paper checks. The majority of payments are delivered electronicallyAll other payments are made with paper checks sent through the U.S. mail.S Postal Service

The use of online bill payment prevents identity theft caused by missing or stolen checkbooks, bills, and statements.Because only you have access to your account details, account numbers, and payment history, it also increases your privacy.As a result, you have access to your payment activity in real time and maintain tighter control over your account.

Save time It takes only minutes to pay your bills each monthYou save time by avoiding postal runs and organizing paper receipts.Additionally, clever features like recurring payments enable you to create a schedule for automatically paying your bills.

Save moneyOnline bill payment reduces the need for checks, postage, and envelopes.You can easily save more than $75 if you pay just 10 bills each month.00* per year

Stay organizedYou won’t need to store and sort through paper receipts because your payment history is stored online.

Gain peace of mindYou can plan payments in advance to avoid worrying about paying bills while traveling.There are also bill-paying reminders that can let you know when it’s time to make a payment.

Help the environment by saving paperThere are no checks to write or envelopes to mail when using online bill payment. Thats good news for you and the environment

Savings are approximations based on the typical annual cost of the checks, stamps, and envelopes needed to pay ten bills each month.

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