Great Plains Natural Gas Bill Pay

With advances in technology, individuals have more options for paying their monthly bills than ever before. One of the most convenient options is to pay your Great Plains Natural Gas bill online. Paying your monthly bill online is a fast and easy process that can save you time and money. By paying your bill online, you can avoid the hassle of writing checks and mailing them in, as well as save money on postage costs. Additionally, you can eliminate late payment fees by setting up automatic payments. With Great Plains Natural Gas bill pay, you can be sure that your payment is received quickly and accurately. In this blog post, we will discuss the different options available to you for paying your Great Plains Natural Gas bill and how to take advantage of each one. We will also discuss how to set up automatic payments and the benefits of doing so. Finally, we will discuss how to use the Great Plains Natural Gas online bill pay system, so you can get your payments taken care of quickly and efficiently.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Payment Options

Pay by phone: A credit/debit card payment can be initiated by calling 866-364-5829 and following the prompts. Be sure to have your account number ready.

Online Account Services

In the Online Account Services Payment Center, you can make a payment, enroll in Pay By Bank, request Balanced Billing, view your latest statement and your

great plains natural gas bill pay


How can I pay my PNG bill?

At our authorized bill collection locations, you can pay your PNG bill with a check or cash. Please consult your PNG bill or get in touch with our office or customer care center to find the closest bill collection locations. On the reverse of a check, the customer’s name, customer ID, and mobile number must be listed.

How do I pay my Georgia Natural Gas bill by phone?

Bill Payment Options To speak with a customer service representative about your options, call 1-877-850-6200, or click here for a full list of payment options.

What is the number for Georgia Natural Gas?

In metro Atlanta, call 770. 994. 1946 or 770. 907. 4231. Outside metro Atlanta, call toll-free 1-800-GAS-LINE (1-800-427-5463).

What is the 1 800 number for Oklahoma Natural Gas?

To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area right away, then dial 911 and 8004584251.

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