Heb Bill Pay

heb bill pay

AUTO PAY: Set up automatic withdrawals from your bank to pay any outstanding balance on your monthly bills. No convenience fee applies

PERSONAL PAYMENTS: Visit one of our Customer Service Centers to send a check or get help with a bill.

ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS FOR PAYMENT: Visit H-E-B, Woodforest National Bank, Money Box/Speedy Cash, or other retail establishments to make payments. There is a fee of one dollar ($100) paid to the third-party vendor More information on payment locations

PAY BY PHONE: You can pay your bill by phone using an ACH/eCheck, a Debit Card, or a Credit Card. There is a $2When paying by phone, the payment processor levies a convenience fee of $35.ONLY these phone numbers are accepted for phone-based payments.

PAY BY MAIL: If you receive your bill in the mail, mail your bill using the pre-addressed return envelope that is included. Mailing address for bill payments:

BUDGET PAYMENT PLAN: Based on your prior year’s energy charges, pay the same amount each month. Learn about our Budget Payment Plan Sign up for Budget Payment Plan through Manage My Account

GIFT CERTIFICATES: Pay your energy bill with a gift certificate, or purchase one for a friend. Available only at our Customer Service Centers

QUESTIONS: Please fill out the Residential Billing Issues Form or the Commercial Billing Issues Form and submit it if you have any questions or concerns regarding your energy bill.

Before resuming service, all electrical devices must be unplugged or turned off for your safety.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Financial Services – H-E-B


Pay bills , buy money orders, reload prepaid cards and mobile phones. All at your H‐E‐B Business Center! Learn More. Walk‐in Bill Pay at H‐E‐B.

Business Center Services – H-E-B


H-E-B offers a variety of services such as Financial Services, Licenses & Permits, Entertainment Tickets, Rental Services and more.


Can you pay bills at HEB?

Bring your rent, power, water, auto, phone, gas, and cable bills to the HEB Business Center to pay your bills; leave the stamps at home.For a small fee, cash a check or use your card to instantly obtain cash.

Can you pay the bills online?

Your bank or credit union is likely the best place to pay your bills online for no cost.If you have a checking account, your financial institution probably provides free online bill payment.When you pay from your bank, your bank starts the money transfer.

How does Bil pay work?

The majority of banks’ free services, typically checking accounts, include bill payment.When you enroll and give your bank the information from your bill provider, your bank will promptly pay your bills and deduct the cost from the funds in your account.

How does CheckFreePay Work?

The CheckFreePay interface is used by merchants to process payments, giving billers a straightforward, consistent experience.Customers have the option to pay all of their bills in one location, using a variety of payment methods like cash, checks, cashier’s checks, and turning cash into digital funds to facilitate online transactions.

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