How Does Chase Bill Pay Work

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

How to use a bill pay service & how it works

Online bill pay enables you to view, schedule and pay your bills right from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Online bill pay works by deducting a payment

Online Bill Pay

1. Sign in. Sign in to Chase Online℠ or the Chase Mobile® app and sign up for Chase Online℠ Bill Pay. Choose “Pay Bills” in the navigation menu.

how does chase bill pay work

Sign in

Register for Chase OnlineSM Bill Pay by logging in to Chase OnlineSM or the Chase Mobile® app. Choose “Pay Bills” in the navigation menu.

Add your payee

Select “Add a payee” or “Manage payees,” provide the necessary information, and finish the flow.

Pay your bill

Once the setup is complete, you’ll be able to pay any bill or anyone in one go.

We value your payments so much that we promise to send them on the date you specify (the “Send On”) If you have followed these easy instructions, Chase will pay your late fees if it ever delays your personal Chase OnlineSM bill payment:

  • In order for the payment to reach the payee by the due date (and start the interest-free period) on time, we must receive your payment request by the Cutoff Time.
  • You input the Payee information correctly.

You are responsible for bearing the risk of accruing late fees or penalties and paying them if the following occurs:

  • You use the Bill Payment but don’t follow the instructions or do something else wrong.
  • You sign any agreement with the intention of collecting late payment penalties as one of its goals. Our guarantee does not apply to mistakes made by your payee or when they switch to a delivery method that lengthens the time it takes to process your payments.

You can pay and manage all of your bills online in one place. Pay anyone—your utilities, credit cards, even your landscaper. Payments are safe, and you can plan a one-time or recurring payment without using postage.

Your payment will either be made electronically (delivered in 1 or 2 days) or by paper check (delivered in 5 days), depending on the type of payee. If you schedule payments before the Online Bill Pay cutoff time, we’ll send payments to your Chase payees on the same day.

Your statements will be delivered directly to the Chase Mobile® app or Chase OnlineSM when you use eBills.

When logged in, select “Pay bills” from the navigation menu in Chase OnlineSM or the Chase Mobile® app, then “Schedule payment.” Select the recipient, enter the payment information (amount, account, “Send on” or “Deliver by” date), check your information, and submit. You can save or share your payment receipt on the payment confirmation page.

No, theres no additional cost to use Online Bill Pay.

You can enroll in getting eBills, an electronic version of the paper bill or statement you receive each month from any company, including telecom, utilities, or retailers, once you’ve enrolled in Online Bill Pay. The electronic bill will include all the information and specifics that are on your paper bill.

Go to the Schedule Payment screen once you’ve signed up for Online Bill Pay to see the payees who are eligible for eBills. Follow the enrollment process to enroll your payee into eBills.

Choose “Pay” after logging into Chase OnlineSM. Then select “Set up an automatic payment” to complete the flow by selecting “Automatic payments” under “Bill Pay” in the side menu. Please add your desired payee before setting up automatic payments.

Make deposits

  • Chase QuickDeposit℠ — Securely deposit checks from anywhere.
  • Chase ATMs — At most ATMs, you can conveniently deposit up to 30 checks and cash.
  • Direct deposit — Automatically deposit paychecks.

Make payments

  • Pay your bills online, including your rent, mortgage, utilities, credit cards, and auto payments.
  • Send and receive money from virtually anyone using Zelle® with just a U S. mobile number or email address.

Stay informed

Technology that is useful and keeps you informed while saving you time

  • Access statements from up to 7 years ago digitally with no paper statements.
  • Set up account alerts to keep track of your balance, deposits, and more.
  • Check balances and transaction history with a text using Chase text banking.

The terms, privacy, and security policies on Chase’s website and/or mobile apps do not apply to the website or app you are about to visit. To determine how its terms, privacy, and security policies apply to you, please review them. With the exception of goods and services that clearly bear the Chase name, Chase is not in charge of (and does not provide) any goods, services, or content at this third-party website or application.


How does bill pay work with Chase Bank?

When logged in, select “Pay bills” from the navigation menu in Chase OnlineSM or the Chase Mobile® app, then “Schedule payment.” Select the recipient, enter the payment information (amount, account, “Send on” or “Deliver by” date), check your information, and submit.

Is Chase bill pay the same as Zelle?

The same as Chase QuickPay, Chase QuickPay with Zelle Simply put, Zelle is the company that manages the application Chase uses for this service. Many other large banks use Zelle, and it is also available as a standalone app.

Does bill pay send a check?

Most bill pay transactions are executed as electronic transfers. However, some payment recipients, such as many people, do not have accounts that allow them to accept electronic payments from individual payers and must accept a paper check as a substitute.

How does online bill pay work when paying an individual?

Online bill-pay services typically operate by withdrawing money from a linked checking account. Some banks designate the business or person receiving the bill payment as the “pay to” account, while the account that pays the bill is referred to as the “pay from” account.

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