How To Pay Water Bill Online

Paying your water bill online is becoming increasingly popular as technology advances. It is a convenient and secure way to make sure your payments are made on time and accurately. The process of paying your water bill online may seem a bit daunting at first. However, this blog post will provide an overview of the steps needed to pay for your water bill online and the benefits of doing so. Additionally, this post will explain the different payment options available and the security measures you can use to protect your information. By the end of this post, you will be well-equipped to start paying your water bills online.

The current account owner is still liable for all charges, base fees, and invoices until an account is asked to be closed and/or service disconnected. For service transfers where one account is closed and another is opened, there is a non-refundable activation fee. The fee is $60 for residential accounts.

In the current nationwide scam, con artists promise to give credits or apply payments to utility bills on behalf of the president or the federal government. Emails, letters, social media posts, texts, and direct phone calls are all acceptable ways to reach residents. Residents’ Social Security numbers and other personal information are requested by the con artists, who then provide their victims with false banking information so they can use it to pay their utility bills.

Get the app now

iPhone users can get the WSSC Water Mobile App at the App Store; Android users will find it at Google Play.

From the app, you can:

Pay Your Bill – You can pay your bill online with a credit card, debit card, or e-check by entering your ZIP code and ten-digit WSSC Water account number. (A $1. 69 convenience fee applies. ).

WSSC Water should be contacted right away if there is water in the street, a sewer overflow, or a broken fire hydrant. A problem can be resolved faster the earlier we become aware of it.

Check for service interruptions in your neighborhood or at another address with service alerts.

Contact Us – With the app, you have instant access to all of our contact details. Content.

You can have your bill payments debited directly from your checking or savings account using our E-Z Pay Direct Debit Program on the due date indicated on each bill. You will receive an online e-Bill when you sign up for E-Z Pay; all you need to do is approve the payment date and amount. Simply click the following link to register online (you’ll need a copy of your check; make sure to read the E-Z Pay guidelines on this page).

Call our automated Interactive Voice Response System at (301) 206-4001 (toll free 1-800-634-8400) with your account number in hand to make a phone payment. When using the pay-by-phone option, you can split your bill into two payments, pay with a credit card or a check, and ask for a seven-day payment extension. This system also allows you to input a water meter reading.

NOTE: There is a $1.69 convenience fee for this service. Credit card payments are limited to $750. Please see the Paymentus Terms and Conditions. Content

Visit any of our 3 self-service kiosks located at:

  • WSSC Water Headquarters, Lobby Level, 14501 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, MD
  • Montgomery County Satellite Office, 2424 Reedie Drive, 7th Floor, Wheaton, MD 20902
  • Prince Georges County Department of Permits, 9400 Peppercorn Place, Largo, MD
  • Customers can perform the following actions at these kiosks:

  • Access the WSSC Water website
  • Apply and pay for permits
  • Pay your WSSC Water/Sewer Bill
  • Purchase a Watershed permit
  • Purchase Cross Connection Test Reports
  • Sign up for WSSC Water apps
  • Content

    WSSC Water can be paid with a check or money order by mailing them in the provided envelope. WSSC Water, Revenue 14501 Sweitzer Lane Laurel, MD 20707 is where you should send your payment.

    Any of the following options for in-person payment accepts cash:

  • At WSSC Waters Cashier window at: 14501 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, MD 20707 Open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Use a PayNearMe service at 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy or Family Dollar store. Youll need a PayNearMe barcode to be sent to your smartphone or emailed to you; call WSSC Water Customer Service at 301-206-4001 to get one. (A $1.69 convenience fee applies.)
  • at our Drive-Thru window
  • At our Dropbox You can deposit a check or money order in our Dropbox any time after hours. Our Dropbox is located at: 14501 Sweitzer Lane Laurel, MD 20707 (Do not deposit cash in the Dropbox.)
  • We have customer service representatives on duty from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. m. to 7 p. m. Call 301-206-4001 and ask for a customer service advisor. We are experiencing longer than usual wait times. We greatly appreciate your patience.

    If you’d prefer not to wait on hold, there are quick and simple ways to get in touch with us:

    Call 301-206-4001 any time of day or night, seven days a week, to pay your bill using a credit card or a check using our automated system.

    Ever Wonder How to Pay Your Water Bill Online


    How can I check my water bill online?

    Alternative Method to Check Water Bill Online
    1. Visit the official website of your water supply board.
    2. Go to ‘Our Services’ section.
    3. Navigate to ‘View/Print Bill’ and click on it.
    4. Enter your ‘Customer Identification Number’
    5. Enter the captcha, if any.
    6. Click on ‘View bill’

    How do I pay my NYC water bill?

    By dialing 866-622-8292, customers can pay their bills over the phone. Customers can use a checking account, credit card, or debit card to quickly and conveniently pay their bill with this automated payment service. * Customers can use their checking or savings account to pay their bill for free over the phone.

    How do you pay for water in NJ?

    Paying your bill can be done online, in person, over the phone at 1-888-877-0450, or by mail. Please check your receipt if you choose to use an outside payment service to make sure that the money will go to the City of Newark, NJ, Water/Sewer department.

    How to pay bills online?

    Use Online Bill Pay Through Your Bank Your bank or credit union is probably the best place to pay bills online for nothing. If you have a checking account, your financial institution probably provides free online bill payment. When you pay from your bank, your bank starts the money transfer.


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