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As modern technologies continue to develop, making online payments has become increasingly easier. It’s now possible to make payments quickly and securely with a few clicks of a button. This is especially helpful for staying on top of your bills and making sure that your payments are on time. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of bill pay in 4 and the best services for making efficient and secure calculations. We’ll also discuss how you can make the most of your bill pay experience and how you can use these services to save time and money. Finally, we’ll look at how you can benefit from this efficient, easy-to-use process.

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Deferit: Split Bills and Manage Payments Online

The most flexible bill payment solution. Pay any bill in 4 installments and manage your bills in one place. Start today!


Buy Now Pay Later for rent, utilities, and insurance. You get bill consolidation, automatic payments, and interest-free credit line with Pay in 4.

bill pay in 4

Get the flexibility to pay bills your way, whether upfront or over time in 4 easy installments. No interest. No late fees. Just a simple subscription.

Select a file to upload or take a picture of your bill.

We pay your bill

Even if your biller only accepts checks, we pay your bill upfront!

Choose how you pay

Pay upfront or in installments due every two weeks. Always interest-free. No late fees!.

Create an account and upload a bill in minutes. Let us do the rest.

Make your budget go further by paying in installments if you need flexibility.

Deferred payments are reported to credit bureaus for each payment in order to establish credit. *.

Take a picture of your bill, pay online, by ACH, or by check, and we’ll handle the rest!

Make the most of your bills by getting everyday payments reported to TransUnion®, Experian®, and Equifax®.

Eligibility criteria applies. Installment payments for credit, loans, retail purchases, or other similar payments are not available.

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Where is the 10 star rating. This business is amazing. They have saved my life; I’ve used them for four bills. Budgeting is made so much simpler by being simple to reach and having no unpleasant surprises. Sara.

At first skeptical and with nothing to lose, but after using the website and app to pay a few bills, there have been ZERO problems. The bills have been paid on the date requested. Emma.

Excellent system makes it possible for you to pay your bills on time even in challenging circumstances I’ve been using it to pay my phone and electricity bills because they only have a reasonable monthly fee. Maddy.

It’s simple to use, there are no surprises, and everything is exactly as it is described. Great to know it is there when you need it. Highly recommend Deferit. Adam.

Deferit is user-friendly, has prevented me from incurring late fees on unpaid bills, and has allowed me to stop worrying about bills. I recommend it to all my family and friends. Great service!Benjamin.


Can I use pay in 4 to pay bills?

For instance, the Pay in 4 program from PayPal spreads the cost over six weeks. This permits the customer to pay their bills in four installments without incurring any additional interest or fees. However, if customers are late with any of their four installment payments, late fees may be assessed.

What app can I use to pay bills in 4?

Deferit: Pay bills in 4 on the App Store.

Is there an app to pay all bills at once?

Prism enables you to consolidate all of your financial accounts and bills in one location. This app allows you to schedule payments and pay bills. Other features enable you to keep track of your bills and send reminders for due dates to help you avoid making late payments.

Can I pay my bills with Quadpay?

Easy installment billing with Zip | Zip, formerly Quadpay

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