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Incyte Diagnostics offers a convenient and secure way to pay bills online. Providing both individual and corporate customers with a comprehensive, easy-to-use payment system, Incyte Diagnostics allows customers to take control of their finances and avoid late payment fees. Through the secure, user-friendly bill pay system, customers can track their payments and view current accounts. In addition, the system is integrated with the Incyte Diagnostics account management system, allowing customers to manage multiple accounts in one place. With Incyte Diagnostics bill pay, customers can view their payment activity, manage their accounts, and submit payments quickly and securely. This secure, online bill payment service is a great way for businesses to save money and streamline their finances.

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Billing FAQs

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incyte diagnostics bill pay

Where did you get my personal information such as insurance carrier, personal address, phone number, etc.?

When the clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital sends your specimen here for processing, your information is submitted.

Communities in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska are served by our team of pathologists. Our pathology-trained doctors offer skilled laboratory assistance to medical professionals working in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics. Our pathologists analyze Pap tests, molecular laboratory tests, and biopsy (surgical) specimens to diagnose your condition and assist your attending healthcare professionals in selecting the best treatment option(s) for you.

Your name-labeled tissue, cellular collection, or bodily fluid was delivered to our laboratory from a doctor’s office or hospital. Our pathologists are the experts who examine the pathology specimen and inform your doctor whether the sample contains any anomalies through diagnostic information.

Why do I have two bills? One from Incyte Diagnostics (Pathology) and one from the hospital?

In these situations, the hospital prepared your specimen technically (TC), and they are billing you for those services. The professional component (PC), or the pathologist’s actual interpretation and reporting of your specimen, has been made available by Incyte Diagnostics. On the reverse of your Incyte statement, there is a description of this as well.

EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits. The medical insurance provider sends a form outlining the insurance plan’s coverage for a particular medical event (procedure, test, or supplies), along with the patient’s share of the cost.

Did you / Why didn’t you bill my insurance?

Your statement from us would indicate if your insurance was billed. If you want to confirm this, you can call the numbers on your statement.

There are a number of reasons why you might get a bill even though you have medical coverage if your insurance wasn’t billed:

  • Perhaps the full insurance information or patient details required for us to submit a claim to our billing department were not received.
  • You could get a more thorough explanation of your policy benefits by calling your insurance.
  • Occasionally, despite billing the insurance provider, the payment was rejected. If you have received a bill from Incyte Diagnostics due to a denial, please consult the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that your insurance provider sent you. The EOB form states the reason(s) for denial.
  • If you have Medicare, there is a chance that you will be liable for costs if the service is classified by Medicare as a non-covered charge or if you consented to pay for services by signing an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) prior to the specimen’s collection. Medicare frequently considers oral or dental biopsies to be dental procedures, so it does not typically cover them.
  • Please get in touch with our Billing Department if you want to directly submit billing information.

Please click here to see a list of current insurance agreements.

The deductible is the sum of money that a patient must pay during the insurance company’s plan year before the insurance will begin to pay. The sum varies in accordance with the specific insurance policy’s contractual provisions.

Your preventive benefits cover a wide range of exams, screenings, and vaccinations in full. Your physician may identify a problem or issue during your preventive examination that necessitates additional testing or screening in order to provide a precise diagnosis. Additionally, if you have a chronic illness, your doctor may order tests to monitor your health. These examinations and tests aid in the diagnosis and/or monitoring of your illness. Your preventive benefits do not apply to these diagnostic tests, and you frequently have to cover a larger portion of the costs. A routine colonoscopy, for instance, might be covered by preventative benefits, but if a polyp is discovered, the biopsy is typically NOT covered by preventative benefits, so there may be deductibles and coinsurance. A biopsy cannot be billed with routine codes.

Premera/Bluecross patients please see

Medicare patients please see

1 How can I obtain the results of my biopsy/Pap tests?

The doctor who sent the sample to Incyte Diagnostics is the best source for your results. They have received a report with the test results. It is always preferable to receive results from your doctor.

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