Irving Oil Bill Pay

irving oil bill pay

When Irving Energy filled up a man’s tank in Dartmouth on Wednesday, that is what happened to him. The trouble is – hes not an Irving customer

That didn’t stop the business from requesting payment and threatening to release it if he didn’t

When you visit Gilles Lalonde in his cozy home in Woodside, you’ll typically hear the dogs barking, but lately he’s been wishing they’d yelled louder when another visitor arrived.

On Wednesday, Lalonde was at home, but he was unaware when an Irving Oil truck arrived and filled his tank with more than $500 worth of heating oil.

Shortly after, his wife pulled up and saw the driver, but it was already too late.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry about that, I made a mistakeI’ll call the office and let them know we made a mistake, right?, he replied.

Lalonde claims the business sent a serviceman to check the tank and then told the couple they would be responsible for paying for it.

The wife called the business yesterday to see what could be done after receiving a phone message that said, “If you don’t pay for the oil, they’re coming to pump it out,” according to Lalonde.

The Lalondes typically only purchase oil that they can afford because of their limited income, but the company offered a $90 discount and four months to pay the bill.

She informs Lalonde, “I’m always getting your dinner ordered at my house.” “And many times, my mail sometimes comes to your house”

Today, CTV News made several attempts to contact Irving Energy, but no one answered the phone or responded to emails.

But by mid-afternoon, the Lalondes had received a call from the company, which informed them that the oil would no longer be charged for.

“Ijust want to know whos right or wrong Everybody should have a lock on their tank?” Lalonde said”Or is there a way to stop this from happening, perhaps by including the lock with the tank when they build these tanks? I’m sure it happens every day.””

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Log In – Irving Oil

Welcome back! This is where you can log in to your Irving Oil account to manage preferences, make payments , or get in touch with us.

Irving Oil – Manage Your Irving Energy Account Online…

4 days ago — Irving Energy customers can now manage their accounts and pay their bills online . Click the link below to sign up.


How do you get 10 cents off at Irving?

You can receive a 10 cent per gallon fuel discount after obtaining an Irving Rewards card and setting up an Irving Rewards account.Additionally, for every $50 spent in the store on eligible items, you will receive a 5 per gallon fuel discount.

How do I use Irving mobile pay?

Your Irving Debit Pay account is now added to your wallet in the app after you successfully log in.Tap the red, circled PAY button on your home screen to access the Mobile Pay feature.Next, you can decide whether to pay inside the store or at the gas pump.

How do I set up my debit card to pay Irving?

By logging into your Irving Rewards account at, you can connect your Irving Rewards card to your bank and clicking “Register with Irving Debit Pay”Once linked, you can use your Irving Rewards card as an ACH Debit payment method to pay for fuel purchases.

Who owns Irving Oil?

Irving Oil Ltdis a Canadian company that produces and exports natural gas, oil, and gasoline.It was established by businessman Kenneth “Ken” Irving and is regarded as a member of the Irving Group of Companies.CArthur, his son, and his family own Irving privately.

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