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We are here to show you how to make payments using your preferred JTV account, and that is why we are here.

The instructions in the following manual will show you how to obtain it, sign in, and carry out payments efficiently. But we’ll also respond to some fundamental queries to help you comprehend how this account behaves.

Nevertheless, you must first understand what a preferred checking account is. It is a product made to help the user securely manage his finances using a preferred service.

It will leave you with great advantages. Financial experts claim that it will enable you to select, purchase, and enjoy particular goods and services. When it comes to the retail chain JTV in particular, the preferred account is represented by a credit card that can only be used to place orders at any of its locations.

Orders can be placed by calling a JTV representative or using the JTV website. com website. You can use this credit account to pay any bill completely or on time. The company Synchrony Bank, which is in charge of offering excellent financial services to retailers, is the one responsible for issuing the retailer’s preferred card.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:



Apply for or manage your JTV credit card, make a payment, view account balance, see special offers and more.

JTV Preferred Account Credit Card


You can call JTV Customer Service about your JTV Preferred Account at (800) 619-3000 or visit MySynchrony.com. How can I pay my JTV® Preferred Account bill? You

jtv bill pay


How do I pay my JTV bill?

JTV Preferred Account
  1. Online account management.
  2. Online statements.
  3. Pay your bill at MySynchrony.com.

How do I pay synchrony by phone?

Pay by Phone: To make a payment over the phone, call Synchrony Bank Customer Service at 1-866-396-8254 during the hours detailed below.

How do I find my synchrony account?

Go to SynchronyBank. com and sign in for your online banking needs. You can also download the Synchrony Bank mobile app.

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