Keizer Water Bill Pay

keizer water bill pay

The City of Keizer, Oregon offers residents a variety of payment options for their water bills. Those who wish to pay in person can do so at the office, which is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Payment can also be made via automated phone system (503) 967-4005, fax (503) 390-9437, online customer portal, or by dropping off payment in the silver drop box located in the parking lot near the USPS mail box. In addition, customers can enroll in auto-pay and have their account paid through bank draft on or after the 15th of the month following the bill.

The water used by Keizer’s residents comes from the Troutdale Aquifer, an underground geologic formation that stores water. The aquifer is located beneath the entire city and 15 deep wells draw from it to distribute water through 125 miles of piping.

Keizer’s water is of such high quality that chlorine is not required to be added to the system, although fluoride is added to the water at the rate of 1 PPM (parts per million). The water is checked at various locations ten times per week for bacteria, has a hardness of 140 PPM, a PH factor of 7.6, and an average pressure of 60-68 PSI (pounds per square inch). Keizer also has 3 storage facilities that total 2.75 million gallons of storage. Finally, the City of Keizer requires backflow devices on all irrigation systems and fire lines.

Online Payments

Utility Billing . If you are facing a financial hardship: – please call this office at (503) 390-8280 to make payment arrangements.

Utility Billing & Collections

1. Click on above YELLOW-BUTTON, click on SIGN UP, enter House/Building Number (don’t include street name), Utility Billing Account Number, email address, and …

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