Kinecta Bill Pay

Kinecta Bill Pay is an innovative, convenient, and secure way to manage all your bills in one place. With modern technology, you can now take control of your finances and have the freedom to manage your bills electronically. By setting up an account with Kinecta Bill Pay, you can quickly and easily pay your bills online and with the added convenience of having all your bills in one account. With Kinecta Bill Pay, you can save time and money, as well as eliminate the hassle of manually writing checks and mailing them out. You can also access your account anywhere at any time with their mobile app and website, giving you control to manage your bills from anywhere, anytime. Kinecta Bill Pay also provides powerful features to help you manage your finances and easily view your past payments, balance your checkbook, and simplify the way you pay your bills. With Kinecta Bill Pay, you have the ultimate convenience to manage your bills in one place.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Apple Pay is the digital payment system for IOS mobile devices. Open the wallet app on your phone. Snap a photo of your Kinecta MasterCard Debit Card and enter

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Have trouble completing your online transaction? Call 800.854.9846 and we can

kinecta bill pay


How do I pay Kinecta by phone?

Please call 800 if you need to make a quick payment and are unable to stop by a branch or complete a transfer online. 854. Call Option 0 on (844) 9846 to speak with a member service representative. You’ll be able to request a payment through Speedpay.

Does Kinecta use Zelle?

Please be aware that while you can receive money on your Kinecta debit card, you cannot currently send money using Zelle. The person from whom you request money must also be a current customer of a bank that is a Zelle partner.

What is the grace period for Kinecta Federal Credit Union?

First Mortgage Before a late fee is applied, there is a 15-day grace period. Call the Loan Servicing Department at (877) 896-8525 if you would like to speak with a representative about your Mortgage Loan account (including information about payoff).

What is the daily withdrawal limit for Kinecta?

Limitations on Check Card Transaction Frequency and Dollar Amounts: I am aware that the Kinecta Check Card has a daily transaction cap of $3,050 that includes the following restrictions: (1) a daily ATM withdrawal cap of $550; and (2) a daily PIN-based POS transaction cap of $2,500.

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