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For residents of Lake Stevens, staying up to date with sewer bill payments is an essential way to keep their household running smoothly. This blog post will provide an overview of the different ways that residents can pay their sewer bills in a timely, efficient manner. With the right payment plan and options, residents can rest assured knowing that their sewer bills are taken care of. Whether residents are looking for a convenient online payment method or a more traditional option, they can find a suitable option that fits their needs. We’ll discuss the different payment plans available, the benefits of using each one, and how to make the payment process as simple as possible. Additionally, we’ll address any issues that may arise during the payment process, so that residents can avoid any confusion or delays. With the right payment plan and options, staying up to date with sewer bill payments can be a hassle-free experience for Lake Stevens residents.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Make A Payment

We accept payments online, in person, by mail, and after hours IN OUR drop box located at 1106 Vernon rd. See below for payment information.

Lake Stevens Sewer District

Lake Stevens Sewer District 1106 Vernon Road Suite A Lake Stevens, WA 98258-9432. Phone: 425-334-8588 Fax: 425-335-5947. Facebook link facebook icon

lake stevens sewer bill pay


How much is Lake Stevens sewer?

The Lake Stevens Sewer District Board of Commissioners recently authorized an increase in monthly sewer service fees for the first time since 2017. The Board decided to raise rates by $13 per unit, from $86 to $99/month, on April 28th.

How much is Clark County sewer connection fees?

Payment amounts are listed per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit, or Single Family Residence), and refer to connection fees for system development approval. Connection Fee Schedule: July 1, 2021: $2,876 per ERU. July 1, 2022: $3,020 per ERU.

How much is sewer charges in Seattle?

The 2023 monthly sewer rate is $52. 11 for single-family residences. The charge for multifamily, commercial, and industrial customers is $52. 11 for each 750 cubic feet of water used.

How much is sewer charges in Las Vegas?

Accordingly, most homeowners will pay an additional $19 in 2023, making the annual fee from $270 to $289. According to the ordinance, bottlers, dairies, restaurants, and laundries would also be subject to the new rates. Sewer connecting costs would also increase, reaching $2,551 in 2023 per home.

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