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Please read Kevin’s message and sign this email to the president of the hospital he visited in support of his 30-day fast to pay off excessive medical bills.

I’m Kevin Jarvis, and I live in Elliston, Virginia, where I’m a seminary student. Last October, I made a quick trip to LewisGale Hospital to have a dislocated shoulder fixed, but I had no idea that LewisGale would charge a hefty price for such a straightforward procedure, leaving me with a $1,500 deductible that my wife and I cannot afford without going without other basic necessities.

Like many, we are faced with mounting medical bills. As a result, I have made the decision to pay LewisGale in the only way I know how: by going without food for thirty days in public while using that money to pay my medical bill.

LewisGale has a history of unethical price gouging. Expenses like $26,000 for treating a cat bite come to mind. LewisGale and more than 160 other hospitals are owned by Health Corporation of America (HCA), which also paid the largest fraud settlement ($2 billion) in American history for overcharging patients. By aggressively billing, turning away patients with less profitable conditions at their emergency rooms, and maintaining dangerously low staff levels, it has become the most profitable hospital chain in the nation.

In any other developed nation in the world, where universal healthcare is provided at a cost that is halved through a “single-payer” system, such as that which is embodied in H R. 676.

Please sign this email to the president of LewisGale Hospital asking him not to engage in predatory billing with patients who will be forced to choose between receiving necessary care and meeting their basic human needs until our nation musters the moral courage to recognize healthcare as a basic right to human dignity rather than treating it as a commodity.

Kevin made the decision to embark on a 30-day fast on his own, as reported by Healthcare-NOW! He got in touch with Healthcare-NOW!, but we don’t advise others to do the same thing without taking the proper precautions.

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Easily find and pay any LewisGale Medical Center medical bills you have from our hospital via our online application. View and pay your bill online, anytime,

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