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Welcome to our blog post about Lincare bill pay phone numbers. Lincare is a home-based healthcare provider for people with respiratory and other chronic medical conditions, including COPD, cystic fibrosis, and sleep apnea. This post will provide details about how to contact Lincare to pay your medical bills. We understand that medical bills can be overwhelming, so we are here to provide you with the necessary information for paying your bills in a timely manner.
We will cover the most important aspects of Lincare’s bill pay phone number, including what number to call and what information you need to provide. We will also discuss the payment methods and other frequently asked questions. Additionally, we will discuss the customer support options that are available and how to use them. By the end of this post, you should have a better grasp of the Lincare bill pay phone number and the associated processes.
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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions please reach out to your local billing office, you can find this phone number in the top left of your bill or

Contact Us

At Lincare, we are committed to providing quality customer service. Whether you have questions about our products and services, or need assistance regarding

lincare bill pay phone number


My account is set up on auto pay (recurring payments). Why am I receiving a bill?

You will continue to get statements so that you can check your charges and payments. Please sign in to the patient portal, click Profile, and then click Settings to make these changes if you’d like to stop receiving statements or receive paperless billing. Alternately, contact Customer Service by calling the number on your statement.

I returned my equipment. Why am I still being billed for that month?

You will still be held accountable for the entire month if the equipment was returned after the due date for the bill.

How do I get an itemized copy of my bill?

To speak with a representative who can give you that documentation, call the number on your statement.

I’m unable to reach billing, what’s the best way to contact the billing department?

The direct phone number for your billing office is located in the top left corner of your statement.

Patient has passed away. Equipment needs picked up, what do I do?

Please contact your local center to arrange pick up. They will require knowledge of the patient’s passing date.

My service date shows last month’s service but the invoice date is the current month, does this mean I’m behind on my bill?

Your bill details transactions from the previous month and is past due if there is a balance. As seen in section 5 below:

Why have there been two claims billed to my insurance company?

If%20your%20insurance%20does%20not%20pay%20100%%20of%20your%20charges,%20you%20will%20have%20co-insurance%20(your%20portion)%20billed%20to%20you These charges would be transferred to you, creating a second invoice for the same item for the same service date, in the event that we submit a claim to your insurance (insurance portion) and they determine it is your responsibility for deductible.

Contact your local billing office by calling the number listed in the top left corner of your bill, or call the corporate billing team at 1-800-284-2006 and press 4.


What is the phone number for Lincare?

The Linde Group and Lincare share a common ancestor: at the turn of the 20th century, Linde’s Americas business gave rise to Lincare, which was then known as Linde Homecare Medical Systems.

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