Linn County Rec Bill Pay

In Linn County, Iowa, bill paying is becoming more convenient with the implementation of their Rec Bill Pay program. This service provides an easy and secure way for customers to pay their utility bills, fees and taxes. The program is provided by the Linn County Treasurer’s Office and is available to all county residents. Through the Rec Bill Pay program, customers can choose to pay their bills online, by mail or in person. Customers can also manage their bills and set up payment plans. With the Rec Bill Pay program, customers can check their account balances, view payment history, and schedule future payments. The program is designed to help simplify the process of paying bills, meaning customers will have more time to enjoy their Linn County lifestyle. With changes in technology, Linn County is taking the necessary steps to make their bill paying process more convenient and accessible to residents. The Rec Bill Pay program is another example of how technology is improving the way we do business.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay My Bill

Phone: Call 1-877-999-9619 to pay your bill with your credit card, debit card or from your checking account. You will need your Linn County REC account number


Monitor and compare energy use. · View and pay your bill. · Report service issues.

linn county rec bill pay


How do I contact Linn County REC?

Contact information for Linn County REC: (319) 377-1587, www. linncountyrec. com What does Linn County REC do?.

What is budget billing Linn County rec?

To help you plan for your utility bills, budget billing enables you to pay your bill in equal monthly installments. Based on your usage history, monthly payments will equal 1/12 of your estimated annual billings.

What are Linn County Rec Peak hours?

Residential Daytime Kilowatt Demand Peaks at 4:01 p.m., according to Linn County REC. m. through 9:00 p. m. , potentially causing higher costs for your cooperative.

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