Menehune Water Bill Pay

menehune water bill pay

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay Bill Here – Menehune Water Company

We have several options for you to pay your bill . PAY ONLINE Click here to make a payment online . AUTO PAY We have Auto Pay where your outstanding balance …

Menehune Water Company: Hawaii Home and Office Water …

Auto pay customers are automatically enrolled in paperless statements when … Customers that have printed statements will not have access to view online .


Where can I pay my Hawaii water bill?

At our Hilo Main Office, Kona Baseyard/Office, or Waimea Baseyard Office, payments may be made.

Is Menehune water safe to drink?

Yes The USThe lower the level of “Total Dissolved Solids” (TDS), which is used by Pharmacopeia as a key indicator of water purity, the better.Less than 5 parts per million TDS are present in “Ultra-Pure” Menehune Water.That is less than half of the 10 parts per million USP Standard for Purified Water!

Where does Menehune Water Company get their water from?

Our Hawaiian Source The “Ultra-Pure” water that we use for our products starts as copious Hawaiian rainfall in a pristine, virgin rain forest.Over the course of 25 years, it naturally filters through lava rock and into our protected aquifer.

Who owns Menehune Water Company?

Company Background In 1985, Ken Simon, our founder and current president, founded the business.Menehune Water has been committed to giving its customers exceptionally pure water along with a high standard of service since its inception.

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