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Metcom Bill Pay is an innovative service that allows individuals and businesses to quickly and securely pay their bills online. With a few clicks, customers can access their accounts, enter payment information and make payments to any merchant with a Metcom account. This service is a great way to streamline the process of paying bills and save both time and money. The Metcom Bill Pay system is easy to set up and use, so customers can be sure that their payments will be made properly and securely. In addition, customers can also view their bills and payment history, as well as set up automatic payments so that bills can be paid on time without the hassle of having to remember or manually enter payment information. With Metcom Bill Pay, customers can pay all their bills in one place and always be sure that their payments are securely processed.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Online Payments

View Account/Payment Options/AutoPay. DO NOT use Online Payment Options to avoid disconnection of service due to non-payment, Pay Bill / View Account.

Payment Options

Online – Visit our payment website here to make a one-time payment. · By Phone – Call our automated service at 844-611-4019.

metcom bill pay

Q. I am purchasing a new home, how do I establish new service?

A. We only need the top page of the settlement statement when opening a new account after the property has reached closing. It can be delivered to the billing department, faxed, or emailed. Your liability for the account initiates per the settlement date.

Q. How do I get my MetCom account number and PIN?

A. Your account# and PIN# is found in the upper left corner of your bill. When logging into your account online, your 4-digit account PIN is used to confirm your identity.

A. The first page of the settlement is necessary if you are selling your property. All expenses incurred up until the settlement date are the seller’s responsibility. In accordance with Code of St. Vincent de Paul Sections 113-12(D)(4), 113-14(G), 113-14(G), and 113-29(M)(4), MetCom charges that are past due and currently being assessed in Mary’s County are a first lien on the related property. The title to a property is clouded by the MetCom lien for any such charges assessed and owed if it transfers to a buyer without the proper proration of the past due and currently assessed MetCom charges. Statutorily created MetCom liens are not recorded in the land records. However, in accordance with Sections 113-12(D)(7), MetCom liens are made public in the Land Records room. Marys County, which provides.

  • The Commission shall keep a public record of all names of property owners, locations of the property, lot numbers when of record, and the amount of any connection fees or other charges that may become liens against any property within any sanitary district abutting on any water or sewer main in order to notify the general public of any existing liens and charges against such property.
  • Records must be kept in St. Croix’s land records. The records that, when entered into the public record, serve as legal notice of all outstanding liens in any sanitary district must be kept and preserved in the space required by Mary’s County and the Clerk of the Circuit Court for the County.

NOTE: In accordance with this requirement, MetCom delivers a monthly Aging List of all MetCom accounts to the Records Room. Please make sure that your settlement agent is aware that you are a MetCom customer and that any unpaid charges are a lien on the property.

Q. I am renting a property, how do I establish service?

A. Before creating the account, the owner must complete a Request for Change in Billing Address Form. The Fiscal/Forms and Applications link on the website allows you to access and submit this form, or you can print it out and mail it to Metcom. Depending on when Metcom receives the Change in Billing Form, the modification will take effect on the move-in date or the date of the most recent bill, whichever is later. Before the account is transferred into a tenant’s name, it must be fully paid.

A. There are 16 routes, each of which has three reading cycles with a monthly reading for each meter. The routes are set up so that there are roughly 30 days between each meter reading for each account. Bills are based on the prior months usage. The tiers for the meter size will be used to bill for all water usage. Customers who have both water and sewer service will be charged for sewer usage based on water usage.

A. The property may be sold at the yearly County Tax Sale auction as one of the punishments for non-payment, in addition to a late fee being added to the account. The length of time an account remains unpaid determines how severe of a penalty will be assessed. ​.

1. MetCom billing statements are due immediately upon receipt, but customers have until the last day of the month to pay before incurring a 1 percent late fee. 50% of the outstanding balance being assessed. Pursuant to Section 113-14 of the Code of St. Marys County, the late fee may not be higher than 1. 5%. NOTE: MetCom prints a reminder notice on all delinquent bills.

2. The property might have its services disconnected if non-payment continues for more than 60 days.

3. If an account is unpaid for more than 60 days, it will be reviewed in October to determine whether the property qualifies for a tax sale at the start of the following year.

4. MetCom will make two (2) formal attempts to notify the property owner of their intentions regarding the past-due account before starting the necessary collection actions if the account is determined to be eligible for a tax sale.

5. On a case-by-case basis, requests for waivers and extensions of the due date may be made in light of the owner’s financial hardship.

Q. My service has been interrupted for non-payment, when full payment is made when will service be restored?

A. If water service has been discontinued, it cannot be restarted without paying a $65 fee. 00 ($75. Turn-off/turn-on fees, full account balance, and curb stop box fee are paid with certified funds. In order to recoup overtime costs, the fee if paid after 3 PM will be $120 ($130 with curb stop box), and service will be resumed the same day.

B. If the Grinder Pump/Sewer service has been stopped, it cannot be started again until a $155 fee is paid by 3 PM. The cost is $235 if paid after 3 PM, and service will be resumed the same day.

Q. What do I do before my water service is restored?

A. Prior to the Meter Technician turning on the water, it’s crucial that all fixtures are in the off position. Inaction could result in a significant delay in the restoration of water service.

A. Pursuant to Section 113-29 of the Code of St. Marys County System Improvement Charges are intended to pay debt service for capacity expansion for use by current customers as well as performance upgrades, repairs, and replacements of existing systems. The System Improvement Charge per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) is the same for all customer classes. The water system improvement charge is paid by all properties that are adjacent to public water lines and have been allotted capacity. The sewer system improvement charge is paid by all properties that are adjacent to public sewer lines and have been given capacity. If the home’s owner satisfies certain financial eligibility requirements, the Commission may postpone the monthly payment of a System Improvement Charge on the property.

A. Every property that is connected to the public water or sewer system must pay the Ready To Serve Charge. It is a uniform monthly fee based on meter size that is used to pay for the regular upkeep and operation of the water and sewer system.

A. Autopay payments are processed the 22nd of each month. You can find the Autopay (Bank Draft) Authorization Form at www. metcom. org under “pay your bill online”. Following your electronic form submission, the billing department will set up your account for direct withdrawals. Your Autopay will start that month if we receive your form before the 22nd. If not, it will start on the 22nd of the subsequent month. For your information, we only accept Autopay from checking or savings accounts. We do not accept credit or debit cards for Autopay.

Q. How do I establish connection to Water & Sewer?

A. Please get in touch with the MetCom Engineering Department if you want to process a request for a water or sewer connection. Phone: 301-737-7400 ext. 301 or email: [email protected] org.

Please include the following information at a minimum:

Service Request Type: Water Only, Sewer Only, Water and Sewer

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