Milwaukee Water Works Bill Pay

As a homeowner, it is important to ensure that your bills are paid on time in order to maintain your financial health. In Milwaukee, the Water Works bills are no exception, and understanding how to pay them quickly and securely is essential for all residents. In this blog post, we will discuss the various ways to pay your Milwaukee Water Works bill, how to set up payment plans, and how to keep track of your payments. We will also provide tips on how to avoid late payment fees and set up automatic payments, so that you can be sure your bills are paid on time every month. The Milwaukee Water Works strives to make bill payment easy and secure for all its customers, and this blog post will provide an overview of how to take advantage of all their services.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

How to Pay Your Bill

Or, you can pay your bill by mail, online, or by phone. Contact Customer Service at (414) 286-2830 or email [email protected].

Access Your Account

You need the account number to access your Municipal Services Bill account. PromisePay allows you to design a payment plan with convenient and flexible

milwaukee water works bill pay


How do I pay my Milwaukee water bill online?

Online Payment Use eCheck, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA to make a one-time payment online. Payment from a checking or savings account is possible using the eCheck option. Email address is required to confirm payment. eCheck fee is $0. 40 per transaction.

Can I check my water bill online?

Yes, you can check your water bill online at the water board’s official website.

How do I find my Milwaukee Water Works account number?

The top of your Milwaukee Municipal Services Bill has your account number. Account information by property address is no longer available. Contact us if you are unsure of your account number, and we will ask you to confirm that you are the customer for the relevant property.

What can happen if I don’t pay my water bill?

If you owe money to your water company, they can’t cut off your service, but if you don’t pay, they might sue you. You might be found guilty in a county court and be required to pay additional court costs. After that, bailiffs may show up and take some of your possessions if you don’t pay.

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