Mlgw Bill Pay Locations

mlgw bill pay locations

MEMPHIS, Tenn(WMC) – Beginning on August 3, MLGW customers will be able to pay their bills at more than 100 new locations in Shelby County.

This is due to the addition of Dollar General and Family Dollar stores to the list of authorized MLGW pay agents.

The utility bill’s bottom and back will now both have a secure and distinctive barcode that is part of MLGW’s new VanillaDirect Pay service.

After the salesperson scans the barcode, customers can visit a Dollar General or Family Dollar store to pay their utility bill.

A transaction fee of $150 will be assessed The utility payment is processed after the scan and payment

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

MLGW Expands Bill Payment Locations

Jul 16, 2020 — Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division customers will be able to pay their bill at over 100 new locations in Shelby County, …

MLGW Expands Network of Bill Payment Locations

Jul 31, 2020 — Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division customers will be able to pay their bill at over 100 additional locations in Shelby County, …


Where can I pay my MLGW bill in person?

MLGW bills have barcodes printed on the bottom and backYou can make payments at stores like Dollar General®, Family Dollar®, or CVS® using VanillaDirect PayTM barcodes. There’s a transaction fee of $150

Can I pay MLGW at Kroger?

Our helpful staff at Money Services will assist you in quickly and easily paying your Memphis Light, Gas, and Water bills because we accept same-day payments.Use our helpful store locator tool to find the Kroger Money Service that is closest to you because Tennessee is home to over 150 of them, including more than 30 in the Memphis area alone.

Can I pay MLGW with a check?

Customers of MLGW can pay in person at Authorized Pay Agent locations located all over Shelby County. Typically, payments are posted within the next business dayCustomers must have both parts of their utility bill when using a paying agent.Customers can pay with cash, checks, or money orders.

How do I pay my old MLGW bill?

MLGW customers can pay their bills over the phone by dialing 1-866-315-0277.Bank checking or savings accounts, Visa, MasterCard credit or debit cards, Discover cards, and ATM debit cards (displaying the Star, Pulse, or NYCE logos) are all accepted forms of payment.

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